Abortion Rights: Who Will Stand Up For The Least Among Us?

Most people would ooh and aah at the wee little infant and maybe even reach out and touch their itty-bitty fingers and toes. This is not your great grandmother’s blob of unformed matter, as was once thought decades ago. ... As long as the baby is inside the mother’s womb - arguably the safest place for a fetus - he can be put to death at any moment, even up to his descent down the birth canal.

To Keep the Shutdown in Perspective: Non-Government Employees Get Laid Off Too

government employees are not the only ones that suffer from job insecurity. Americans have had to endure layoffs within small businesses, corporations, and entire industries. This is nothing new. ... While unpaid government workers are awaiting a resolution to the impasse that led to the shutdown, other Americans affected by violence, murder, rape, and drug and human trafficking are awaiting a resolution that will finally give them the protection they so desperately need

It Takes a Village: But, Do You Even Know the Village?

how feasible would it be for a village to help raise your child if you don’t even know who the villagers are? Isn’t it incumbent on you to find out what type of people you are surrounded by, how they think and what they value? Chances are your child is going to be exposed to your neighbors in one form or another ...