Students With Cell Phones: Teachers Aren’t Paid Enough to Deal With That!

instructional time, kids are watching movie streaming sites, playing video games, scrolling social media feeds, and video conferencing with other students sitting in other classes in the school! ... As if the teacher is the one who’s out of line, students have the audacity to get an attitude when asked to do schoolwork ... in school. ... You would think the school could lay down the rules as to what is acceptable behavior during class. So why are teachers throwing their hands in the air in frustration and defeat? Are we to believe as a society we cannot contain our kids’ addictive cellphone habits? ... These classroom leaders are already underpaid for what they are being required to do, nevermind adding the burden of fighting smartphones for the attention of their students.

Does iGeneration Reverence 9/11?

When I hear middle and high schoolers speaking nonchalantly about the horrific events of 9/11, I feel something twist in my abdomen and push against my chest. ... How does one joke about such a dreadful event? Believe me, immature teens and preteens can find a way. And it infuriates me! ... Their lack of compassion for the loss, and their lack of understanding of the extent of that loss is difficult to watch ... It’s been 18 years since it happened … meaning they weren’t there. They didn’t experience it. The only way they will adopt the perspective needed and the solemn approach desired is if we pass it on to them. Not just once or twice, but often...

Has College Turned Into Expensive, Glorified High School?

Is it possible that students would be more engaged if they were allowed to begin college with courses in their major area of study instead of recycled high school basics? Since they are paying for the courses, why not get right to it and learn what they want to learn? -instead of paying for things they don’t want or need - ... Let them learn. Let them choose. They are young adults and they are paying, ...

Expand Your Mind – Learn a Language!

I’m learning American Sign Language or ASL! I’ve been using free online resources to learn how to speak with my hands. Truth be known, I already speak with my hands everyday - I’m part Italian. Granted, my hands don’t really say much. They are in constant motion whenever I’m talking, but that’s just for effect … Continue reading Expand Your Mind – Learn a Language!

Edumacation: Reading is Fundamental

"Do we have to read this whole page?" Pause for dramatic effect. "And there's two sides! Do we have to read BOTH sides?" I'm in a middle school Language Arts class. In case you didn't know, the name has been changed to English Language Arts or ELA. The number of students who are reading below … Continue reading Edumacation: Reading is Fundamental