“Ma’am, If You Don’t Put That Away …”: My Experience at the Voting Booth

“Ma’am, please put that away; you’re going to get us all in trouble,” he stated nervously in a hushed voice. ... Stifling an incredulous giggle, I said, “the law says you are not REQUIRED to see an ID, it does not say you must refuse anyone offering to show it.” ... She wanted to know my name, but she didn’t really want to know my name because if she did ...

Students With Cell Phones: Teachers Aren’t Paid Enough to Deal With That!

instructional time, kids are watching movie streaming sites, playing video games, scrolling social media feeds, and video conferencing with other students sitting in other classes in the school! ... As if the teacher is the one who’s out of line, students have the audacity to get an attitude when asked to do schoolwork ... in school. ... You would think the school could lay down the rules as to what is acceptable behavior during class. So why are teachers throwing their hands in the air in frustration and defeat? Are we to believe as a society we cannot contain our kids’ addictive cellphone habits? ... These classroom leaders are already underpaid for what they are being required to do, nevermind adding the burden of fighting smartphones for the attention of their students.