All of America Agrees: We Are Unified Against the Floyd Tragedy

The feelings of anger and helplessness in light of this outrageous act of violent indifference to human life - Mr. Floyd’s life - deserve an outlet. They need and deserve to be expressed; and, in fact, they were overwhelmingly expressed; in unified shock, horror, and disgust by all races, cultures, colors, groups, and classes. How one loud, unified voice of agreement somehow morphed into violent mayhem on the streets of American cities is unclear...

Students With Cell Phones: Teachers Aren’t Paid Enough to Deal With That!

instructional time, kids are watching movie streaming sites, playing video games, scrolling social media feeds, and video conferencing with other students sitting in other classes in the school! ... As if the teacher is the one who’s out of line, students have the audacity to get an attitude when asked to do schoolwork ... in school. ... You would think the school could lay down the rules as to what is acceptable behavior during class. So why are teachers throwing their hands in the air in frustration and defeat? Are we to believe as a society we cannot contain our kids’ addictive cellphone habits? ... These classroom leaders are already underpaid for what they are being required to do, nevermind adding the burden of fighting smartphones for the attention of their students.

If The Swamp is Drained, Will Impeachment Still Be A Thing?

This "get Trump at all costs" mentality that lives in the minds of Never-Trumpers, the Democrat party, the wholly un-objective media, and sadly, the low information Americans has got to stop. It is patently UNFAIR! Whether or not you like, agree with, or support the guy is secondary ... Destroying a person because you don't agree with him is unAmerican. ... The idea of this call being used as the basis for impeachment is far beyond absurd for at least four reasons. ... it may be time to start a class action harassment lawsuit: American People v. Democrat Party, Mass Media, et al. We must not allow a small majority of powerful people in politics and the media to tell us what to think and who to support. ...

Is the Worst Enemy of Black America Her own People?

There has been a blind acceptance of Hip Hop culture as the blueprint for what it is to be a Black American; a culture that insists on portraying its people (mostly blacks) as drug dealers and users, alcoholics, hustlers, law-breakers, missogentists, irresponsible sex players, heartlessly violent, and unfaithful to their own family while ride or die faithful to the street “family”… yet, they seem to be oh so cool and imitate-able ... Where are all the admired hip hop brothers or sisters with good relationships, intact families, legit businesses, and amazing talents on display, who are not limited to rappers or street gang playas? ...

Helping People is Good; Socialism, Not So Much

The socialist philosophy that all should have their basic needs met resonates with our own humanity. No one really wants people to suffer. ... There is a symbiotic relationship between doing and having. With few exceptions, those that do, have; and those that do not, do not have. ... If you want more than you currently have, then learn from others, work harder or smarter, sacrifice to put your goals first, find or create opportunities, and utilize support systems to help you succeed. No one said it would be easy, but if you really want something, be willing to work for it. ... not your parents, not the government, not social programs, not welfare. ... Socialism would aim to “help” those able-bodied by throwing money and services at their poor choices instead of letting them flounder through and learn from them. ... So, how about we help those who are truly unable.

Does iGeneration Reverence 9/11?

When I hear middle and high schoolers speaking nonchalantly about the horrific events of 9/11, I feel something twist in my abdomen and push against my chest. ... How does one joke about such a dreadful event? Believe me, immature teens and preteens can find a way. And it infuriates me! ... Their lack of compassion for the loss, and their lack of understanding of the extent of that loss is difficult to watch ... It’s been 18 years since it happened … meaning they weren’t there. They didn’t experience it. The only way they will adopt the perspective needed and the solemn approach desired is if we pass it on to them. Not just once or twice, but often...

Death By Vaping: Still Too Many Unknowns

How does vaping - the thing that was supposed to help smokers kick the habit - turn out to be a killer itself? ... it should be fairly obvious that if we choose to regularly inhale something other than oxygen into our respiratory systems, it probably won’t go well. At the very least, we should know exactly what it is and what it does to our bodies in both the short and long term... It begs the question: why are our young people so desperate to get high? Are they so bored, unhappy, devalued, indifferent, pressured, thrill-seeking or addicted that they feel compelled to find an outlet? Why didn’t preteens, teens and young adults fall prey to these types of addictions fifty years ago? What is so different now?

Are we Co-Signing on the Mass Institutionalization of Our Children?

You can’t be on both sides of the fence: what is in our bodies is our choice, our responsibility, and ours alone. Yet, many of those same babies are given over for up to 10 hours a day to be someone else’s responsibility instead of the mother’s. Is that reasonable? ... If mothers knew they would have to be the one to care for their own children for the first year or two or three, would that change the number of births or pregnancy terminations? If mass daycare and mass abortion were not booming, money-making industries, do you think people would give more thought to whether or not to get pregnant and have a child?

Testing My Christianity: Homelessness and My Own Dad

My dad died a few years ago. He had been chronically homeless for most of the last three decades. ... He looked pretty good - clean and imminently lovable. ... Yet he still went back to drinking and the streets almost immediately when he got the chance. What do you do with that? What can anyone do with that? My faith, my prayer life, my convictions - all of it has been tested - as I watched my dad’s destructive lifestyle choices drag on. Only God’s grace, love and forgiveness could give me what I needed to not only endure, but ...

‘Good Boys’ Movie: Who Signed Off On This Cruel Extinction of Childhood?

Why are these kids being exploited like this? They are clearly out of their element and rightly so - sex toys, drugs, and foul language are used as a hammer to pound the audience. In fact, the desensitization of our youth has reached new heights. How was this allowed to happen? Writers, casters, directors, marketers, producers, parents … was there anyone who gave thought to those boys as people; as young impressionable children in need of guidance? Were they sold out for the almighty dollar? ... Defenders of the movie point out that the trailer shows the innocence and naivety of the boys having no idea what the sex toys are, who the porn stars are married to, and what the drug life is really about. Yet, for us to watch as these young actors are mentally and emotionally raped by the infringement of adult issues - crass, gutter, immoral, excessive adult issues - is a monumental travesty. ... We must not sit idly by and watch this mass extinction of childhood.