Just Because the Climate Changes Doesn’t Automatically Mean It’s a Problem, Does It?

I’m not sure why climate change is such the extreme, emotion-laden topic that it is, except that there must be gobs of money available, hidden, squandered, and tied up in and around it. Isn’t that always the case? ... We have shown ourselves to have the desire and means to change the trajectory of impact our existence has on our planet. ... It seems to me that a simple, powerful, and well put together public education campaign and the consistent enforcement of many of the rules and regulations already in place would do the job. ...

Hey Congresswomen, Just Because I Don’t Agree Doesn’t Mean I’m Racist … Tweet That!

This twisted definition of racism is turned into another travesty when true racism is watered down by it. Many whining, self-promoting, thin-skinned, sore losers who are unable to use intellect and facts to win in the arena of thoughts and ideas rely on the R-word to give them cover. ... So, Congresswomen - and those spewing this foolishness alongside you - stop insulting me and other thinking individuals with your feigned outrage and moral insult. You are Congresswomen in the den of politics. You can't be both weak and strong; claiming that you're so tough and not afraid of the big bad president while crying the big croc tears and appropriating racism when he tells you off!

Dem Debates: Kissing the Spanish Buttocks and Insulting Hispanic Intelligence In the Process

Let me get this right. In order to include the millions of immigrants in the United States, the presidential candidates must speak Spanish? What about all the immigrants that are not from Spanish speaking countries - don’t they matter? And what about all the illegal immigrants that are unwilling to learn English, unwilling to commit to the American way of life, unwilling to embrace our culture alongside theirs? ... Yet, here we are pandering to the Hispanic population; determined to learn Spanish while they are equally as determined not to learn English. This is craziness.

True Americans Proudly Celebrate the 4th: Are You a True American?

Regardless of the nation’s history, the fact is we are a freestanding and free governing nation, not run by or directed by a parent nation. That is worth recognizing and celebrating! ... Let’s put it this way: just because your child got an ‘F’ in science in 5th grade doesn’t mean you can no longer celebrate his ‘As and Bs in 10th grade does it? Every victory and success has merit and should not and must not be overshadowed, minimized, or erased by prior failures. ... So, why are people doing that with America?