About EmmSix

EmmSix is not your average 50-something. Young at heart, and well educated in New England, she sees the world from an old school, take responsibility for yourself, always keep learning, no one owes you anything, hard work pays off, your word is bond, the world is a gift from God, viewpoint.

EmmSix stands for minority to the sixth degree, or M6 . That is to say, she is classified as a minority in six different areas. Women and African Americans are considered your standard minorities. Yet, staying home to raise six kids with the same husband and being married over 25 years is not something you see in the majority of the American population these days.

Being a moral and political conservative is not rare on its own, however paired up with being African American quickly puts it in the realm of the minority.

Although there are hundreds of thousands of Christians, not all of them are “ever-growing”. I mean to say, there are those who are Christian in name only, like: those who may have grown up in the church, but no longer participate; those who are Burger King® Christians, who have it their way by taking bits and pieces of God’s Word and using what suits them at the time; those who are good people, yet are not attempting to follow the words in the Bible; those who know the good they ought to do, but consistently choose to live life their own way. Ever-growing Christians do not have it all together, by any means; however, they consistently seek out godly counsel, confess, repent, and submit to the Word of God as a means of direction, correction, discipline, and purpose.

Working in many different types of jobs all her life, including corporate america, service industries, and education, her particular view on things is sure to provide some interesting reading.