Smollett Charges Inexplicably Dropped: I Guess America’s Not As Racist As They Thought

Perhaps the only way to clear up the assumptions of foul play is for Mr. Smollett’s team to come forward or for the Grand Jury’s decision for trial to stand. ... Contrary to the high profile stories demanding that we believe our nation is “slave days” bigoted, this story of equality in not being held accountable is refreshing. Mr. Smollett is an openly gay African American - a minority by any standard - who is enjoying the privilege that many claim belong exclusively to the plain white members of our society. Well, I guess privilege by any other color would taste as sweet.

Testing My Christianity: Abortion – What We Didn’t Know Then, We Certainly Know Now

There was a time in our history when the public didn’t know when the life inside a mother’s womb became a recognizable human baby with limbs, organs, and feelings. But, that hasn’t been for decades. ... I ask you, do you think mass puppy abortions would be permitted in our society? Those cute little puppy fetus’ being scraped and surgically removed from their mother? Is there anyone who believes there wouldn’t be protest marches and non-stop media outrage to put an end to such cruelty to animals? The same for saving plant life and insects? Yet our unborn babies ...