HOPE In Times of Trouble Can Go A Long Way: COVID Doesn’t Win!

(Listen to this on Gems With Emm Podcast) In the midst of this surreal pandemic, unbelievable number of shutdowns, and increasing numbers of cases and deaths from COVID-19, I’m here to give you some good news. ... How dare they not report the amazing generosity of everyday Americans to help their fellow man; the private sector’s willing leap into action; ...

Let’s Have Some Responsible Reporting on COVID-19 Coronavirus: Less Hype, More Facts

In America, we have had some really bad flu seasons: deadly flu seasons. Although it’s more nuanced and scientific, for the average layperson, COVID-19 can be likened to a different strain of the flu; only, your flu shot won’t work on it. ... With over 50,000 flu deaths every year, have we had our schools closed down, towns cordoned off ... what’s really going on here? Is the media purposely trying to cause a panic over this latest coronavirus?