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“Hope In Times Of Trouble Can Go A Long Way: COVID-19”  

Sharing some good things our country is doing to fight the Coronavirus: things to inspire you and give you hope in this battle. But, why isn’t the media giving us those kinds of uplifting stories instead of the constant doom and gloom? Where is the balance in their reporting?  –  3/26/20


“Is College a Scam?”  

With special guest, Bri … Discussing how 21st Century college has become a money making enterprise to the detriment of the students – 6/14/19


Are “Women” Athletes Unfairly Competing With Birth-Sex Women?

With special guests Bri and Zay … Discussing the latest trend of transgender athlete wins over their birth-sex competitors – 6/21/19

“Testing My Christianity: Dealing with Tragedy”

With special guest, Zay … Discussing some ways Christians struggle with their faith when dealing with pain and loss – 2/27/19


“What’s Up With Jussie”

With special guest, Zay … Discussing the unfortunate incident involving Empire cast member, Jussie Smollett – 2/28/19