During Coronavirus, Fake Easter Gives Way to True Easter

Even though we are temporarily unable to meet together at church, we believers still find our way to each other through technology. Our fellowship will not be stopped. With a very real threat of death to so many and fear gripping the nation and the world, Easter brings the hope of Jesus and the mighty … Continue reading During Coronavirus, Fake Easter Gives Way to True Easter

Testing My Christianity: Take the Plank Out Of Your Own Eye First

While searching President Trump for amorphous, interpretive, innocuous words or actions that could perhaps maybe begin to possibly be considered something to contemplate pursuing in regards to a far-reaching, distant possibility of the thought of something along the lines of obstruction, there’s this plank the size of the state of Texas with Hillary Clinton’s proven actions written all over it. ... Who honestly believes Hillary Clinton could withstand a Mueller-esque, two plus year investigation into her dealings, meetings, and associates?

Testing My Christianity: Homelessness and My Own Dad

My dad died a few years ago. He had been chronically homeless for most of the last three decades. ... He looked pretty good - clean and imminently lovable. ... Yet he still went back to drinking and the streets almost immediately when he got the chance. What do you do with that? What can anyone do with that? My faith, my prayer life, my convictions - all of it has been tested - as I watched my dad’s destructive lifestyle choices drag on. Only God’s grace, love and forgiveness could give me what I needed to not only endure, but ...

In the Aftermath of Tragedy, Prayer Remains First and Most Powerful Response

Reactions to violent mass shootings, most recently in Texas and Ohio, begin with shock and horror, but inevitably find their way over to anger. ... Yet, despite all the feelings we wrestle with, a longing to call out to God often finds its way in; whether shouted in anger and desperation or pushed out between tears and guttural cries. We are made to connect with He who created us. We are hardwired to call out in the worst of times. Even many who profess themselves agnostic - or even atheist - have found themselves calling out to the Being which they spent years or decades denying even existed.

Testing My Christianity: The First To Speak Seems Right … Why Is the Truth So Hard to Find?

Getting to the root cause leads to personal responsibility and determination of blame. Yes, blame. Although it has become a buzz-word and a cue to become insulted and hurt, blame is merely a word that means to assign responsibility for a fault or wrong. This should be no surprise, since we all sin and do wrong. Without acknowledging our faults, wrongs, and mistakes, we would be unable to apologize, make amends, grow our character, and learn from them.

Testing My Christianity: Abortion – What We Didn’t Know Then, We Certainly Know Now

There was a time in our history when the public didn’t know when the life inside a mother’s womb became a recognizable human baby with limbs, organs, and feelings. But, that hasn’t been for decades. ... I ask you, do you think mass puppy abortions would be permitted in our society? Those cute little puppy fetus’ being scraped and surgically removed from their mother? Is there anyone who believes there wouldn’t be protest marches and non-stop media outrage to put an end to such cruelty to animals? The same for saving plant life and insects? Yet our unborn babies ...

Saying Merry Christmas Is Not An Attack on Your Holiday Celebration

Keeping the Christ part out of the word Christmas is like leaving pan out of pancake. The reason we call it Christmas is to acknowledge its direct connection to the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The lunacy of refusing to say Merry Christmas as we celebrate the holiday called Christmas is beyond the pale. Should people say Merry Mas?

Testing My Christianity: Goodness and Decency Triumph In Kavanaugh Confirmation

"8 We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; 9 persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed."    2 Corinthians 4:8-9 I must admit, I was definitely feeling perplexed as we were all exposed to the insanity of the Supreme Court Nominee confirmation hearings these last … Continue reading Testing My Christianity: Goodness and Decency Triumph In Kavanaugh Confirmation