Illegal Immigration: The Wall Again

There must be some shady business going on when a simple issue like don’t disrespect the law, come in through the entry point is somehow a confusing and unfair expectation. ... The ridiculous argument that America doesn’t want immigrants is bogus. The non-stop efforts to make the immigration issue into some kind of racist, discriminatory, cruel and heartless American elitism is equally as ludicrous. The immigration issue is simple: don’t come to America illegally - enter through a designated port of entry. Period.

Saying Merry Christmas Is Not An Attack on Your Holiday Celebration

Keeping the Christ part out of the word Christmas is like leaving pan out of pancake. The reason we call it Christmas is to acknowledge its direct connection to the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The lunacy of refusing to say Merry Christmas as we celebrate the holiday called Christmas is beyond the pale. Should people say Merry Mas?