Sending Kids Back to School: Science, Data & Health Pros Say Yes – Politics Say No

Just the other day, I saw a group of special needs students with their teachers out in the park on a field trip. They were feeding the geese, and enjoying the sunshine and each other. In these COVID times, it could be argued that the students, many with underlying health conditions, are at higher risk … Continue reading Sending Kids Back to School: Science, Data & Health Pros Say Yes – Politics Say No

Students With Cell Phones: Teachers Aren’t Paid Enough to Deal With That!

instructional time, kids are watching movie streaming sites, playing video games, scrolling social media feeds, and video conferencing with other students sitting in other classes in the school! ... As if the teacher is the one who’s out of line, students have the audacity to get an attitude when asked to do schoolwork ... in school. ... You would think the school could lay down the rules as to what is acceptable behavior during class. So why are teachers throwing their hands in the air in frustration and defeat? Are we to believe as a society we cannot contain our kids’ addictive cellphone habits? ... These classroom leaders are already underpaid for what they are being required to do, nevermind adding the burden of fighting smartphones for the attention of their students.

Are we Co-Signing on the Mass Institutionalization of Our Children?

You can’t be on both sides of the fence: what is in our bodies is our choice, our responsibility, and ours alone. Yet, many of those same babies are given over for up to 10 hours a day to be someone else’s responsibility instead of the mother’s. Is that reasonable? ... If mothers knew they would have to be the one to care for their own children for the first year or two or three, would that change the number of births or pregnancy terminations? If mass daycare and mass abortion were not booming, money-making industries, do you think people would give more thought to whether or not to get pregnant and have a child?

Testing My Christianity: Abortion – What We Didn’t Know Then, We Certainly Know Now

There was a time in our history when the public didn’t know when the life inside a mother’s womb became a recognizable human baby with limbs, organs, and feelings. But, that hasn’t been for decades. ... I ask you, do you think mass puppy abortions would be permitted in our society? Those cute little puppy fetus’ being scraped and surgically removed from their mother? Is there anyone who believes there wouldn’t be protest marches and non-stop media outrage to put an end to such cruelty to animals? The same for saving plant life and insects? Yet our unborn babies ...

It Takes a Village: But, Do You Even Know the Village?

how feasible would it be for a village to help raise your child if you don’t even know who the villagers are? Isn’t it incumbent on you to find out what type of people you are surrounded by, how they think and what they value? Chances are your child is going to be exposed to your neighbors in one form or another ...

Saying Merry Christmas Is Not An Attack on Your Holiday Celebration

Keeping the Christ part out of the word Christmas is like leaving pan out of pancake. The reason we call it Christmas is to acknowledge its direct connection to the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The lunacy of refusing to say Merry Christmas as we celebrate the holiday called Christmas is beyond the pale. Should people say Merry Mas?