Despite Liberal Media Hype, America Is a Conservative Country

An honest and more varied media voice would better represent the thoughts of our many countrymen. ... At this point in America’s story, not only does the media echo the exact same liberal leaning sentiments from nearly all fronts, but they are crafting what they choose to report and share with us in order to skew our view of reality; to make us think our generally conservative way of thinking, so different than theirs, makes us some sort of outliers. ..

Is Impeachment the Democrat’s Last Ditch Effort to Overturn the Results of the 2016 Election and Will Americans Allow Their Voices to Be Nullified?

And even as I write this, political irresponsibles are working tirelessly to convince America that they didn’t do what they did and that President Trump did do what he didn’t. It’s like one big Opposite Day, only more like opposite years and opposite realities. ... Shame on those responsible for putting together this elaborate plot to destroy not only President Trump and those that work with him, but the American political system, civil liberties, the Constitution, the rule of law and our very democracy.

Political Bias Has No Place in Emergencies

Does it seem that those opposed to so many common sense, helpful initiatives put forth by the Administration are only opposing it because they personally don’t like the President? Initiatives many had previously supported when proposed by people from their own political party. Does that seem childish, vindictive, and petty? These are adults, - many of which have been in politics for decades - compromising, being diplomatic, making concessions, making trade-offs. It's time for them to grow up and put us first. We, the people; not, me the politician.

Like Searching For Facts in a Lie Factory: Biased Google Searches

But certainly by the fourth incidence, I was starting to get an uneasy feeling that I was being manipulated and force-fed systematically one-sided opinion; or at the very least, one-sided fact reporting. ... We may not be able to stop it from happening, but we have the power to read critically and filter things through our own minds, experiences, and sensibilities. ...

Hey Media, Trump Didn’t Collude. It’s Time To Report On Who Did

any lawmaker, politician, committee or individual could fall into the scope of that investigation. So, for the last two years, why has the media description of the probe had only Trump’s name attached to it? This is mind blowing! Why wasn’t it called The Report On The Investigation of The Republican National Convention,The Democratic National Convention, Donald Trump and his Administration, Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Barack Obama and his Administration, the Department of Justice, the FBI and any other person in regards to Russian Interference in the 2016 Election?