Ukraine: Enough with the Investigations Already – Fair Reporting Is What We Need

Like clockwork, when one plot to throw Trump out of office didn’t work, another scheme was readily manufactured or pulled from the democrat waiting list. This last attempt is a real piece of hypocrisy - almost too much even by democrat standards. ... Meanwhile back here on planet earth, Joe Biden has a recorded statement bragging about how, in his role as Vice President of the United States, he successfully forced Ukraine to fire their prosecutor by withholding foreign aid. At the time, their prosecutor was, by the way, investigating Biden’s son. ...

Testing My Christianity: Take the Plank Out Of Your Own Eye First

While searching President Trump for amorphous, interpretive, innocuous words or actions that could perhaps maybe begin to possibly be considered something to contemplate pursuing in regards to a far-reaching, distant possibility of the thought of something along the lines of obstruction, there’s this plank the size of the state of Texas with Hillary Clinton’s proven actions written all over it. ... Who honestly believes Hillary Clinton could withstand a Mueller-esque, two plus year investigation into her dealings, meetings, and associates?

Does iGeneration Reverence 9/11?

When I hear middle and high schoolers speaking nonchalantly about the horrific events of 9/11, I feel something twist in my abdomen and push against my chest. ... How does one joke about such a dreadful event? Believe me, immature teens and preteens can find a way. And it infuriates me! ... Their lack of compassion for the loss, and their lack of understanding of the extent of that loss is difficult to watch ... It’s been 18 years since it happened … meaning they weren’t there. They didn’t experience it. The only way they will adopt the perspective needed and the solemn approach desired is if we pass it on to them. Not just once or twice, but often...

Death By Vaping: Still Too Many Unknowns

How does vaping - the thing that was supposed to help smokers kick the habit - turn out to be a killer itself? ... it should be fairly obvious that if we choose to regularly inhale something other than oxygen into our respiratory systems, it probably won’t go well. At the very least, we should know exactly what it is and what it does to our bodies in both the short and long term... It begs the question: why are our young people so desperate to get high? Are they so bored, unhappy, devalued, indifferent, pressured, thrill-seeking or addicted that they feel compelled to find an outlet? Why didn’t preteens, teens and young adults fall prey to these types of addictions fifty years ago? What is so different now?