Am I a Minority?

I’ve been asking myself, “Who is a minority anymore?”

I mean, the world has changed so much. With the ease of travel and relocation, and the internet connecting us all, it begs the question. It seems that you would be hard pressed to find someone who could honestly say they were the only one, or two, or one hundred of their kind; whether it be determined by culture, location, race, ethnicity, beliefs, upbringing, or whatever else you can come up with.

The old stereotypes, while still identifiable, don’t seem to be the majority anymore. It seems to me that the off the scales IQ girl from India; the naïve Hispanic with the over-the-top accent; the gang-banging, drug dealing, illiterate black kid; the passive, meek Asian kid afraid to bring home less than an A in any subject; the snobby, rich white kid doing drugs and dissing his parents; and the pasta-eating Italian kid with mafia ties are the ones in the minority. The rest make up the majority of people in these United States. And that majority is made up of many, many differences. Ironically, it’s all the differences that make us the same. We, the different ones, make up the majority of our country.

So, back to my original question: “Am I a minority?”

Well, I am African American and white Italian American. I am a woman. I am an ever-growing Christian. I have been married over two decades to the same man (granted, we are on a very rocky patch right now). I have six kids, all from the same husband. I consider myself a political and moral conservative, despite being born and raised in Massachusetts.

So maybe I’m a minority within the majority. A minority to the sixth power – M6. Who knows, maybe there are dozens, or hundreds, of my particular M6 combination. Even then, we would still have unique experiences that shape us.

This blog is my way of sharing how I look at the world. I hope some of it causes you to feel connected, think deeper, feel convicted, be inspired, laugh a little, make some changes, celebrate your successes, and keep moving forward.

                                                                                                  ~   EmmSix    (M6 ) 

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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