A Call to Black People: Don’t be Foolish, Dumb, Blind, and Stubborn!

Stop! Before you go on an emotional bender, listen to what I have to say.

Firstly, I didn’t say YOU were foolish, dumb, blind and stubborn; although, you may be any one or combination of those things. What I’m saying is, DON’T BE. I’m asking you to consider this: I believe black people in America are being fooled, lied to, and pulled around by a ring in their stubborn, pig noses. Please don’t be insulted. That is not my intention. Waking you up to facts, and grounding you in your intelligence instead of your emotions is my aim. It’s time to once again stand with your head held high and claim your victor status – not wallow in a victim mentality. Stop blindly taking in what you hear on the news and on social media, and running amok with it.

This is what I am proposing. FIRST, be still and listen to what is being said about black people. Check your emotions at the intellectual door and actually listen. So much of what you hear and see is designed to get you to live in your feelings, while discounting what your brain has to add to the conversation. In order for you to be fooled, you must be emotional and “passionate” about what you hear and be willing to ignore all questions that arise in your mind. You must also give yourself and other black people permission to show little to no self-control; otherwise, you wouldn’t be so easily led into regrettable action. This is where you may classify as foolish and dumb.

SECONDLY, be still and think about what you hear – does that even make sense? Be a critical listener; not in the sense that you interrupt the speaker and make rude or negative comments. But instead, you listen and ask questions about what you are hearing. “How do you know that? Why did you do that? Were you there? Is that possible? Does that add up?”

These types of questions are designed to gather more information and help you determine if the source of information is credible, if the facts are true, and if it’s something you need to look into more deeply. Unfortunately, any one of these questions often throws the speaker into an emotional eruption or they simply drop the subject and storm off; which, of course, only leads one to believe they were speaking purely out of feelings, without truth to back it up. Don’t fall into the trap of being foolish, dumb, blind, and stubborn.

And THIRD, do some research into the validity of any claims – are they based in truth and facts? We are living in the Information Age. Go online and find out the truth! Find multiple reputable sources that corroborate the facts – not so-and-so’s Facebook post or Instagram rant, unless it links to somewhere else you can check out. This is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY! This is where you may fall into the category of dumb and blind.

As you read through this, did I ask you to do anything that a reasonable person in search of the truth wouldn’t do? Yet, how many of you actually follow these steps when in a conversation or reading about the plight of black people?

Black people are not the only mistreated people in the United States or the world! Stop acting like perpetual victims. Stand up and take responsibility for who you are, where you are in life, where you want to be, and the choices you have made. I’m NOT saying you have never been treated unjustly; because that would be wrong. And I am NOT minimizing legitimate complaints and issues. So, don’t get defensive. If this doesn’t apply to you, then let it go in one ear and out the other.

As for the rest of us, I am saying that there are too many opportunities to better our lives – enjoy our lives. Use your energy to pursue those things instead of pouring it into hate, anger and revenge.

#notafraidtothink     #notblindsheep    #reunifyourcountry     #tilthefactladysings

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