Take This Fun Test: Do You Lean Democrat or Republican?

So, you call yourself a Democrat do you? Perhaps you claim to be a Republican. Or maybe you’re just not sure. Try answering the questions below; then use the scoring guide to see where you stand.

Take this Fun Test

  1.  The government is paid for by the tax paying citizens. If citizens have to balance their household budget and can’t continually spend more than they make, it should be required that the government be equally as responsible.
    1. Yes, I agree
    2. Not necessarily, they have a lot to manage.

2.   Your company was downsized and you lost your job. Knowing you have severance pay and 20 weeks unemployment benefits, you:

  1. figure you can skate for a while since you know the government will give you extended unemployment if you ask.
  2. Take a short break to get your bearings and start job hunting so you can secure another job quickly.

3.   The woman down the street is pregnant with her third child from at least two different men, neither of which is helping her with child support. She gets government aid and doesn’t work, yet each year she gets thousands of dollars in tax refunds.  You think:

  1. She can’t help her situation and the government needs to help her.
  2. She should get some support from government programs that include work training, but she should have to work to help support herself and her children.

4.   When receiving money from the government in any form – free medical care, food stamps, subsidized housing, help paying utilities, and federal tax refunds, when you didn’t pay any federal taxes – you believe that money comes from:

  1. The government – they have lots of money
  2. Taxpayers – when working people pay taxes, the government takes that money and does what they want with it.
  3. Donations from rich people

5.   A woman wants an abortion. You think:

  1. That’s her choice and it’s her responsibility to find a way to pay for it.
  2. That’s her choice and if she can’t afford it, she should be able to use the taxpayer’s money through government funding to do it.

6.   Rich people need to pay more taxes than they are already paying. Period.

  1. Yes they do. Because they make so much, they have to pay more for all the people who don’t make a lot of money. Otherwise, it just wouldn’t be fair.
  2. No they don’t because the richest 20% of Americans are already paying around 87% of ALL the income tax collected by Uncle Sam. Meanwhile over 45% of Americans are not paying any taxes at all and are instead receiving money from the government.

7.   If people sneak into my house without permission or don’t leave when I tell them to, I should:

  1. be able to call the authorities and have them removed from my property. Even if they are homeless, they can’t simply choose to come to my house and demand that I allow them to stay and live there without my consent.
  2. be sensitive to their situation and let them live in my house. Since I have more than them, I should be required to pay for their needs out of my own money. That would be fair.

8.   If the government agrees to pay $12,000 per student for education and I feel that the education my child is getting is inadequate, I should:

  1. be required to keep my child in that school anyway, since that is where the School Board chose to assign him; and the government knows best.
  2. be able to use the $12,000 allocated for my child towards education in another school that better fits my child’s learning needs.

9.   I believe the United States Constitution is:

  1. the foundation of our country and should be followed and upheld
  2. an old document that is no longer current. It should be changed regularly according to what is going on in our country at the time.

10.  Who should take responsibility and consequences for your actions?

  1. You. Even if it hurts, it’s a good life lesson.
  2. No one; it’s not your fault that you had a bad upbringing with little opportunity, surrounded by bad role models.

11.   I believe America is an amazing country full of opportunity and our great American spirit.

  1. Yes, I do believe that
  2. No, I do not believe that

12.   In regards to racism in America, I believe:

  1. Racism is alive and well and thriving in America. It is a racist nation whose systems do not allow minorities to get ahead, but instead allow people to act out racist behavior.
  2. Racism still exists on some level, but most Americans are not racists. Because of all the progress that has been made, most Americans now live at peace with their neighbors of all races, cultures and backgrounds.

13.   You are beginning to save money for your retirement. You think:

  1. You or your employer should be required to give a certain portion of your money to the government for safekeeping over the course of your life. Then, the government will determine how much and when you should start getting your money back and will send it to you in small increments. This will be mandatory and you will have no choice in the matter because the government is reliable and knows how to best manage your money.
  2. You should be able to choose how you want to save your money – with some stipulations requiring you to be responsibly prepared for retirement. You should be the one determining how much, how often, and when you should receive your money back.

14.    If you want to use government assistance and you are able to work, you should be required to work as a condition of receiving help.

  1. Yes, I agree with that statement
  2. No, I do not agree with that statement

15.   Big government is wasteful and spends too much money on unnecessary things or is inefficient in carrying out their duties

  1. Yes, I agree with that statement
  2. No, I do not agree with that statement

16.   If you give a person a fish, he will eat for today and come back tomorrow for another fish; but if you teach him to fish, he can support himself. Do you believe it the role of the government to give people fish or teach them to fish?

  1. Give them fish, because you have to support people in need.
  2. Teach them to fish because everyone has to be able to support themselves in the long run.

17.   Do you believe having a strong military prevents wars?

  1. Yes, because others won’t bully or attack us if they know we have the power to fight back. It’s like the karate expert who is capable of breaking your neck, but refuses to do so unless you force him to.
  2. No, because having weapons is wrong and makes others want to have weapons also. We need to show that we are peaceful.

18.   If someone doesn’t agree with me:

  1. I cannot have a reasonable discussion with them and will probably verbally attack them personally
  2. I can have a reasonable discussion if they will stay on the topic and not turn it into personal attacks. I would love to debate the issue.

19.   If someone is willing to work really hard to build wealth, I think they should be able to enjoy it without being forced to share it with people who didn’t work as many hours or sacrifice as much as they did. Just because someone else is poor doesn’t mean the hardworking person did something wrong.

  1. I agree. If it’s yours, you shouldn’t be forced to give it to someone else.
  2. I do not agree. It’s just not fair for some to have so much more than others.

20.   I believe police officers do not like black people. They are racists

  1. No, I do not agree. Although I’m sure that is true for some, I believe that most police officers are in the business of helping people and are good officers.
  2. Yes, I agree.

21.  Barack Obama, as the first black president, used the power of his office to help unite our country no matter how much money you have or what color your skin. Today race relations and classism is much better because of all the work he put into it.

  1. Yes, I agree. Blacks and whites get along much better now and most aren’t pitting the rich against the poor anymore.
  2. No, I do not agree. Obama stoked racism more by his provocative comments and behaviors. He also spoke repeatedly about the rich as if they were the enemy of the nation.

22.   It seems that the Media is terribly biased in its reporting. It mostly reports what makes Democrats look good and Republicans look bad; even to the point of hiding Democratic problems and not sharing good things Republicans do.

  1. Yes, I agree.
  2. No, I do not agree.
  3. I don’t know. I don’t pay attention.

23.   America  is a land of opportunity for all who are willing to work hard.

  1. Yes, I agree.
  2. No, I do not agree.

24.  People who enter America illegally, for whatever reason, have broken the law and that’s not fair to the people who came to America legally.

  1. Yes, I agree.
  2. No, I do not agree.

Scoring:  Now, count up your 1’s and 2’s.

  • More 1’s than 2’s = You lean Republican
  • More 2’s than 1’s = You lean Democrat
  • Equal number of 1’s and 2’s = Moderate or Undecided

Were you surprised by your score? Perhaps this has shed some light on the differences in the two Political Party Platforms. Hopefully, now when asked which party you favor, you will be able to answer with confidence.


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