What Happened to Burden of Proof? Shamefully, It’s An Accuser’s Market Judge Kavanaugh

All Men are not guilty and all women are not innocent; which is why each case warrants questioning, proof, and discernment. I am mortified at the extensive vilifying and misleading tactics by the media in regards to the ambush set in motion by an accusation of sexual misconduct suddenly leveled against Supreme Court Nominee, Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

I am shocked at the mass rush to judgment on this issue before either of the parties in question have even spoken on it. The media’s presumption of guilt was swift and rigid, backed up by a stance that summarily and authoritatively painted them as ones simply stating the obvious. The clearly biased headlines, statements, conversations, and reporting were designed to lead the listener to the conclusion of guilt, despite the lack of facts, evidence, corroboration, or validation. A woman made an accusation and the media championed it forward as if it were a statement of fact. Their irresponsible and skewed reporting has besmirched the character of Judge Kavanaugh and has permanently altered his and his family’s lives. This is an outrageous affront to the United States rule of law that clearly and unmistakably states that all are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

I have sons. Does this mean that any female on the planet can accuse one of them of sexual something or other and he would immediately be deemed a rapist or sexual predator – with no presumption of innocence? Then to add insult to injury, he would be called an insensitive, cruel re-victimizer if he dared to say he didn’t do it. If he made any attempts to disprove the allegation and clear his name, he would be deemed a guilty woman hater just trying to get out of it. Are you kidding me? This, in America: the land of innocent until PROVEN guilty? Before allowing political correctness and mob pressure to overshadow all semblance of common sense and decency, it is important that we first pick up a copy of the fundamental rules of our national judicial system, and then take a huge step back to look them over before another reckless word is said regarding these allegations, or anything like them.

Perhaps we should be questioning the timing and motivation for the allegations against Judge Kavanaugh. They did seem to come out of nowhere, within the final hours before the confirmation vote was to be held. Were the allegations a poorly timed joke? Was the nation being collectively punked? Sadly, no.

In what might fall into the realm of illegality, the confidential letter from Dr. Ford was held for six weeks without so much as a question to the accused, to the Judiciary Committee, or to the FBI. Under normal circumstances, that would seem odd; but, with some Senators looking for any means necessary to stop the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh, purposeful, calculated, and nefarious would be more suitable descriptors.

It’s like when you win a contest and instead of taking the loss your opponent demands you go two out of three. When you win that, they demand you go three out of five; changing the rules as they go along and cheating their way out of their obvious and repeated losses.

Judge Kavanaugh has been in the public for decades without any allegations of misconduct of any kind leveled against him. He has undergone 5 FBI background checks; checks which would have covered all aspects of his past – including high school.

At the risk of sparking outrage – feigned, blatantly overblown, or otherwise – I submit that not everything done in high school should carry weight in your adult life; especially if it was never handled at the time. The caveat: if you did something in high school that you continue to do, or that you show the character or motivation to do again, then that is pertinent. If, on the other hand, your adult life shows that you have changed and matured, leaving behind the inherent folly and poor judgment of youth, then drudging it up – for the first time decades later – is more akin to accusing a different person from a different time. Is this a reasonable measuring stick to use on those whose high school years are decades behind them? Would you want that old stick whipped out in the midst of your hard-earned life and used to see if you measure up? Would the Senators supporting this charade measure up?

These allegations of sexual misconduct appear to be a case of she said, he said. Unfortunately or fortunately, that means the burden of proof is on Dr. Ford to show that her assertion is true – not with words, feelings, or memories, but with evidence. This continued farce of demanding someone ask for an FBI investigation is just that: a farce. Without a date, a place, how the accused got to and from the alleged party, and physical or electronic evidence, what is the FBI to investigate? Written statements have already been collected, under the penalty of felony for misleading or untrue statements. What else is there? Oh yah, that’s right: delaying or derailing the confirmation hearing.

Whether or not you want Judge Kavanaugh to be confirmed is, at this juncture, beside the point. The dishonest, unjust, and propaganda-touting tactics that are an anathema to our nation’s values; they are exactly the point.

This dirty trickery is exasperatingly unfair and must not be allowed to hold America’s judicial system hostage while a new and horrifying precedent is set. As the old adage goes, be careful what you allow because what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Sitting idly by, while this man and his family are forced to prove his innocence in the face of a random accusation, is to shirk our responsibility to demand justice. One day that may be your son, dad, husband, brother, uncle, nephew, or  grandson. In this country, when someone is accused of anything, they are innocent until proven guilty. Until such evidence is presented that rises to the level of proving guilt without a shadow of a doubt, Judge Kavanaugh must be considered an innocent man. Period.

#notafraidtothink                   #mediabias #innocentuntilprovenguilty

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