Biased Media – With a Capital B – Refuse to Report on Trump Successes

So you think the guy spends too much time tweeting about dumb stuff. You think he says provocative things to get a rise out of people. You believe he’s full of himself and should overlook an insult instead of calling names like a middle schooler. He should stick to presidential matters and present himself in a more professional and diplomatic manner, you say.

Does that mean all his accomplishments as President of the United States should be ignored because of how you feel about the guy?

The truth is President Trump does put his foot in his mouth at times and he does get off track defending himself against personal attacks, and he is not politically correct or your typical phony politician. And that is why so many Americans voted for him. They wanted an outsider, a businessman, a down-to-earth, fallible human being that they could relate to. Someone who won’t run off and cry, sit silently, or wimpily apologize when he is bullied, but will come out like gangbusters fighting back for his rights. What you see is what you get, faults and all.

When Trump made all those campaign promises while he was running for president, it may have seemed like he was showboating and over-exaggerating his abilities. Yet despite heavy and never-ending opposition from all angles, the man has actually made progress on many of his promises, some with historic results. Some of President Trump’s accomplishments include: The Tax-Cut Bill, record low unemployment, confirmation of two Supreme Court Justices, regulation rollbacks, renegotiation of trade deals, moving the embassy to Jerusalem, and fighting against the terrorism of ISIS and North Korea.

These are major achievements individually, but together they demand media attention and congratulations. So, why isn’t that happening? Why isn’t every American sick of hearing about all the successes? Could it be because the popular media is loathe to report on them? It seems that when Obama was president, the media went out of their way to take even a tiny scrap of success to blow up into a great, amazing accomplishment by the overachieving Barack Obama. The story would be written and rewritten from every imaginable angle, told and retold for weeks and months on end, and touted as the very definition of greatness. They continually heaped adulation upon him, while simultaneously overlooking or downright hiding anything that might make him look bad.

Fast forward to the Trump presidency. Instead of Opposite Day at school, it’s Opposite Presidency at media central. When President Trump accomplishes something as epic as the lowest recorded unemployment rate among women and minorities in the history of the United States, the media does all it can to minimize, devalue, and spend as little time as possible on the story. Instead they are sure to pick on something small and insignificant – things they claim Trump shouldn’t waste time on; to marinate and ruminate over as if it were a big news story. There have been so many under-reported or flat out ignored successes that it’s hard to believe some of these outfits can still call themselves news outlets.

After all, the news is simply a retelling of what happened and what was said. The fly on the wall version. For example: “He walked over to the front door, opened it, walked out to his car, shouted expletives out the window, and sped away”.  Not the opinion-laden, take my interpretation, leading story that leaves no room for thought; like this: “he busted out the front door with an attitude that he knew would make her want to kill him; stomped over to the car thinking about crashing it just to spite her; spat out some insults; and screeched away recklessly, hoping she would know his intentions. She probably got in her car and followed him. I would have.” The second example may be a bit extreme, but only to push the point that the words chosen when recounting a story can be used to plant ideas, opinions, and conclusions in the minds of the listeners.

If the media were more honest and fair, they would spend proportional amounts of time on both the successes and failures of each and every president without bias or personal political positions infecting their reporting. They would be happy for America’s successes because that would also be their successes as Americans. But, alas, that is not the case. It makes you wonder if these super-partisan reporting organizations and overly biased reporters would rather see America and her people suffer, fall into ruin, and lose her way – anything just to see this President fail. How unAmerican is that?

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