Thanksgiving or NOtTHANKSgiving?

A day to give thanks for all that we have and for the provision we enjoy – no matter how large or small; isn’t that why we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday? So, what’s the obsession with shopping?

The media begins its brainwashing months before the Christmas season. In fact, there’s even this whole “Christmas in July” thing, which, of course, is just another way to keep consumers thinking about parting with their money. The mantra is sale, sale, sale. Not only that, but they are sure to have the super, most bestest deals you are ever going to see. Let go of your money!

Is it ironic that the day to give thanks for what you already have is being bombarded with pleas to go out and get more? While saying thanks, you are simultaneously supposed to be thinking about what else you can get – ostensibly for other people, but of course you also deserve to get a little something for yourself while you’re at it. For the record, one might call that NOtTHANKSgiving. Does anyone see the complete hypocrisy and lunacy of it all? Like the sale can’t wait one more day.

In the past, with Black Friday sales starting as early as 6:00 am, our family would make an event of it. We would spend the entire day, and well into the night, together on Thanksgiving, eating, giving thanks, and playing games. Eventually, it would be time to start mapping out our sale-hopping journey to the mall, shopping strips, or standalone stores: which one to hit first, second, third, and which deals to go for. It was fun gathering the store papers and planning in order to get to the best deals before they were all gone.

Some of us would attempt to stay up all night, while others would set the alarm and catch some zzz’s. Of course, setting the alarm didn’t guarantee peeling yourself out of bed when it sounded; especially if you were a little kid or an exhausted parent. In the dark morning hours, those who managed to get vertical would venture out into the cool, morning air. The inviting light of McDonald’s would beckon us for some quick breakfast fuel to launch us on our adventure. And quite an adventure it was. Those were the good old days. Sigh.

Now, with retailers pushing their way into the Thanksgiving holiday itself, and Black Friday sales being carried out weeks beforehand, can we even call it Black Friday anymore? Maybe it should be called Gray Thursday, since the joy is being sapped from our family Thanksgiving holiday.

Some states, such as Massachusetts, have blue laws prohibiting stores to open on Thanksgiving. In those states, retailers can’t open until midnight. So, do we all have to go up north to get a day off for Thanksgiving? Call the airlines, book your train or rental car, and bundle up; Massachusetts, here we come!

#dontshoponThanksgiving        #notsheeple

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