Illegal Immigration: The Wall Again

I’m going to need all these bleeding heart do-gooders to take down all the fences, walls, gates, and boundary structures from around their houses, cars, and personal property. And no locks on any doors. As a matter of fact, just keep all doors wide open to be as inviting as possible and to send the message that you are willing to share all things with all people across the board. Do you think any members of Congress, celebrities, corporate moguls, or your big-hearted coworker would extend their space to any illegal immigrant that found their way into their home? Would you? Or would you need to know more about the person first, like: background information, any criminal record, character, ability to support himself, intentions and goals.

Just for the record, I am a trusting person who gives people the benefit of the doubt. I believe people are mostly good and want to do good. I consider cruel and evil people as the exception to the rule – not the rule. Having said that, I am also a proponent of hard work and personal responsibility. If you want your life to be different, you must change what you can, learn to be the best you can, and accept the rest. Everyone’s lot in life is different and there are seasons where things may be harder for a while. Work hard, educate yourself, hone your skills, and be content, living your best life.

People who want to change their living conditions have every right to attempt to do so – within the scope of fair and just laws. America has clear immigration laws, whether we agree with them or not; and those laws must be followed until such time as they are changed. This country accepts about one million legal immigrants each year … immigrants who want to be here and want to be part of the American culture.

The ridiculous argument that America doesn’t want immigrants is bogus. The non-stop efforts to make the immigration issue into some kind of racist, discriminatory, cruel and heartless American elitism is equally as ludicrous. The immigration issue is simple: don’t come to America illegally – enter through a designated port of entry. Period.

Once the tide of illegal immigration is stemmed, we can turn our attention to other issues involving the standards by which immigrants are accepted into the country. Good, honest debate can be had in that regard as the focus stays with legal immigration.

The rights of America’s legal immigrant population should not be overshadowed by the presumed rights of illegal immigrants. Those two should hold very different status within our country and it should be clear which is which. Legal immigrants and legalized citizens must not be grouped with those who clearly have no regard for our laws and feel it their right to storm our borders and push their way in. In fact, it is supremely unjust for so many elected officials and media voices to fight for the rights of illegal immigrants demanding entry into a country not their own, instead of holding up the many legal immigrants who came to America through the proper legal channels.

Who is fooling who here? Is there more to this immigration battle than meets the eye? Is there some underlying agenda that is being pushed? There must be some shady business going on when a simple issue like don’t disrespect the law, come in through the entry point is somehow a confusing and unfair expectation.

Whether America builds a physical wall or something to behave as one is not as important as the action of securing our borders with clear expectations that anyone willing to cross anywhere other than the legal port of entry must not be allowed to enter. I can’t help but wonder what other countries would do if thousands – even hundreds – of Americans formed a caravan and stormed their border and simply pushed our way in. Of course, soon after that we would request that they support us with free schooling, medical care, and welfare benefits. Do you think that would go over well? Would those countries fight for our rights and welcome us? I don’t know the answer, but it’s certainly worth thinking about.

#notafraidtothink             #reunifyourcountry #legalimmigration

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