New Abortion Law Says No To Newborn

The New York Senate and the Governor of Virginia now offer the possibility of abortion up to the point of labor and delivery. Is that still considered abortion or does it cross into murder of a fully developed and viable life? Is there any scientist that believes a fetus in the third trimester of pregnancy does not feel pain and cannot viably live outside the womb? Granted the child may need neonatal care, yet hundreds of thousands of American babies have received such care and gone on to thrive. So, at what point is everyone clear that to pull a 38 week old baby from a mother’s womb and not allow it to live is to kill it? Alive or dead are the only options; there is no middle ground.

There was a time in our history when the public didn’t know when the life inside a mother’s womb was considered a human. It was commonly thought that the substance in her uterus was mere tissue; not a scientifically recognizable human baby with limbs, organs, and ultimately, feelings. But, that hasn’t been for decades. Today, it is common knowledge that a baby’s heartbeat can be seen very early on, and can be heard as early as 7 weeks. With a little direction, its basic form can be recognized by even an untrained radiologist. Any mother can describe the feeling of her baby kicking and moving about inside her. So, how is the removal of that life not considered murder?

If the mother wanted the baby and was cherishing and nurturing it as she awaited its blessed arrival, it most certainly would be considered cruel torture and murder to end its life. Yet, on the other hand, if the baby is unwanted, the mind finds ways to minimize the act needed to remove the living child from its life-sustaining source. It is reworded as the woman’s right to choose, woman’s reproductive health, and unwanted or unintended pregnancy. Anything to take the attention away from the hard reality that the baby is being harshly pulled out of the mother’s body and thrown in the trash, incinerated, or harvested for its parts.

It is a fact that our society has an overabundance of unwanted cats and dogs in pet shelters all over the country. Although they are all cared for and given a chance to be adopted, when adoption does not happen or the animals are sick or aged, millions of our former pets are quietly put to sleep permanently. It is done humanely and without pain, but it is still murder nonetheless.

I ask you, do you think mass puppy abortions would be permitted in our society? Those cute little puppy fetus’ being scraped and surgically removed from their mother and thrown away? Is there anyone who believes there wouldn’t be protest marches and non-stop media outrage to put an end to such cruelty to animals? What about our responsible concern for saving plant life and insects? Yet our unborn babies …

Decades ago, medical technology could not save babies. Today, with all the medical advances, the Newborn Intensive Care Units (NICU) across this country can sustain the life of a baby as young as 22 weeks. Now the question becomes if the day comes when science is able to sustain a baby at just weeks after conception, would that then create a new definition of when it is acceptable to end one life for the convenience of another?m

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