Abortion Beyond The Fetal Heartbeat Is A Team Effort

It’s been said that a mother would die for her child and that the greatest pain is for a child to precede a parent in death. So how does this stack up: a mother uncharacteristically sacrificing the life of her own child for her personal benefit and comfort? What happened to mama bear rearing up against the greatest of all foes to protect her baby? I guess if she is that foe, she can’t very well rear up against herself. So, who does that leave to defend the defenseless newborn or very soon to be born?

With a viable human life within her, a woman would find it difficult to rid herself of her son or daughter without a willing accomplice. The abortion doctor plays a vital role in this scenario. Although the mother orders the execution, someone else has to wield the sword, or in this case, the scissors, suction, or forceps. In this capacity, the doctor encourages, supports, and accepts a reality that makes possible 40-50 million abortions every year – around 125,000 each and every day, according to the World Health Organization.

What about the father: could he defend his son or daughter? He could certainly use whatever influence he may have with the baby’s mother, provided he actually has a decent relationship with the woman he chose to share intimacy with a mere 8-9 months ago. Should his attempts be unsuccessful, he would be at the mercy of the mother’s will, since the law will not come to his rescue. Fathers rights are virtually nonexistent. The decision to abort or not to abort is left fully in the hands and minds of the mothers, even though they only provided half of the raw materials for the life they now carry.

Then there are lawmakers who have made it legal to kill a living baby in the womb. Of course, if the parents are excited about the baby’s arrival, they will go so far as to allow surgery on the unborn child within the mother’s womb. How do we permit both life saving surgery on an unborn baby and life ending surgery on an unborn baby and still manage to argue that the baby is not viable?

In the name of reducing maternal deaths from self-administered, non-sterile, or unlicensed abortions in back alley rooms, the abortion law was passed to allow safe, clean, and legal abortions for women who chose not to allow their babies to live. How does this line up with the many laws deeming it criminal child abuse for an expectant mother to be a drug addict or alcoholic? Would that mean it is illegal to drug your baby girl in utero, but ending her life is quite alright?

With all these individuals complicit in the abortion process – parents-to-be, doctors, lawmakers – how is it that none of them, at any point, feel obligated to say something about what they are all doing? To stop it, to refuse to cooperate, to boldly and courageously speak for the helpless unborn? It’s fair to say that any one of those people involved could be in a state of panic, denial, or oblivion; but all of them at the same time is a hard thing to imagine. And for decades on end?

Are we to believe that the collective human heart has become so selfish and calloused that even when faced with pain, suffering, and future potential destroyed, we still blindly march forward, eyes averting the truth about the remnants of the abortion procedure?

Is there really no other way? Why must the baby suffer pain or death in order to satisfy the already-had-many-months-to figure-it-out-but-didn’t mother? At what point do we call murder, murder? How does one logically explain putting to death a human baby when it is perfectly capable of living a full and normal life? If that baby were a kitten, a dog, a teenager or a father of three, would it then be alright to give him a lethal injection to kill him or snap his neck and turn away as he progresses to inevitable death? I think we all know the answer to that one.

#notafraidtothink         #fetalrights           #notsheeple

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