Why Bother With a Census If You’re Not Going to Gather Data on People?

Why are some people are in a tizzy over the possibility that the U.S. Census Bureau might be asking the question: Are you a U.S. citizen?

A census is defined as an official count or survey of a population, typically recording various details of individuals. Name? Age? Address? Race? Social Security Number? … U.S. Citizen? What’s the big deal? Asking questions about the many facets of individuals is the entire purpose of the census. To cry foul when a census asks questions is like demanding a lifeguard not touch you when saving your life. Lunacy!

It seems that the citizenship question only becomes a big deal if you are an illegal alien. Anyone here in the United States legally should have no problem participating in the census and simply answering yes or no to the question of whether or not you are a U.S. citizen. So once again, we are being forced to alter our course in order to cater to people who blatantly broke our laws. In this case, don’t ask or else the illegal immigrants will feel uncomfortable, afraid, and devalued. What about American citizens who are made to feel like cruel, heartless bullies for proudly embracing their citizenship and wanting to make their country great again?

Some argue that asking the question will force illegals into the shadows where they will not be counted, thereby skewing the census data. Does that mean they were openly sharing their information with census data collectors before this question was proposed? Does that sound right? People in the United States illegally, without proper papers or permission to be here, who would be deported if they were found out, are happily opening their doors for strangers with census volunteer badges and sharing their lives like an open book? They aren’t at all concerned that they may lose their anonymity? Doubtful.

Hence, it’s reasonable to believe the bulk of illegal immigrants would already be uncounted in past census’. So why all the worry with this one? Is there some politically motivated reason to keep pandering to the illegal immigrant population? Do they have something of value that their staunch advocates want? Could it be the money allocated and the seats in Congress doled out in direct proportion to the number of people in any given state? Surely not. I’m sure those opposed to adding the citizenship question are genuinely concerned for the peace and happiness of the illegal immigrants that would be harmed by such a question. After all, the selfish quest for power and money has never led to corruption in government (wink, wink).

Furthermore, how is it illegal to ask people here illegally if they are legal? Does that seem a bit ironic? Claiming it’s illegal behavior to call out illegal behavior? It’s hard to believe, but opponents are calling the exposure of illegal activity illegal, while the actual illegal activity is excused. That’s classic.

If you are willing to attempt illegal entry into another country – a country whose laws clearly define that attempt as illegal – then are you really in any position to dictate how they should deal with you? You knew the risks when you decided to break the law, but now that you’re being asked to stand by your decision, you want to change the rules. But just like with a misbehaving child, you get what you get. That child doesn’t have any right to tell their parents how to discipline them. When they chose to break the house rules, they were at the mercy of the parents and must take the consequences.

As the old saying goes: don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time. If asking someone whether or not they are a citizen causes them stress and grief, perhaps they should reconsider whether or not they want to be in such a country.

#notAfraidToThink             #fairImmigration                 #feignedConcern

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