Dem Debates: Kissing the Spanish Buttocks and Insulting Hispanic Intelligence In the Process

While listening to the first set of Democrat Presidential Debates, you may have heard something like this:

Blah, blah, blah … in an obnoxious Spanish accent. Blah, blah, blah … pitiful Spanish accent. Blah, blah, blah … patronizing, pandering … in Spanish.

Wait, this is an American presidential debate, right?  What’s with the democrats speaking in Spanish? English is still the official language of the United States, isn’t it? This is an American election they are involved in – running for the office of the United States President, yes?

I’m not sure how to feel at this point. I am an American; a native English speaker. I love foreign languages: learning them and hearing them. Yet, how does a foreign language fit into the democrat’s U.S. Presidential debate? Speaking of diversity and inclusion is one thing, but choosing a foreign language over America’s native tongue is … bizarre and nonsensical. Not to mention … insulting.

Thankfully, all questions for the candidates were posed in English. Yet and still, some candidates actually answered in Spanish … using an often pathetically executed accent, by the way. Was that meant to exclude the English-speaking American audience? The ones they are supposed to be talking to; the one’s from which they are seeking votes?

How am I supposed to vote for you when I don’t even understand what you’re saying? Yet, millions of illegal immigrants understand you perfectly. Are those democrat candidates setting up a way to allow illegal aliens to vote? To determine how our country runs – the very country they show such disrespect for by letting their first act here be ignoring her laws and then taking advantage of her generosity?

Let me get this right. In order to include the millions of immigrants in the United States, the presidential candidates must speak Spanish? What about all the immigrants that are not from Spanish speaking countries – don’t they matter? And what about all the illegal immigrants that are unwilling to learn English, unwilling to commit to the American way of life, unwilling to embrace our culture alongside theirs?

It seems awfully fake to throw out some Spanish words to appeal to the Hispanic immigrant population – kinda like kissing up to get votes. Obviously, saying illegal immigrants have no right to be here in this country and no right to vote would NOT win popularity contests or earn them the coveted vote they are so willing to debase themselves to get.

Meanwhile, Americans listening to the debates are left out of the Spanish conversation – confused, and dissed. Wait, why do English speakers have to figure out what is being said in an American election? Could you imagine a political candidate in El Salvador, Mexico, or even France or Italy speaking to their constituency in English? Yet, here we are pandering to the Hispanic population; determined to learn Spanish while they are equally as determined not to learn English. This is craziness.

Again, I love languages and the people who speak them and I am for immigration … legally. There is, however, a time and place for everything. At the Ms. &  Mr. Democrat Candidate Pageant, throwing in a little dialogue in a foreign tongue is sweet, touching, and shows range; but in the context of running for the highest office in our country – even in the world – patronizing a group, many of which arguably don’t consider themselves U.S. patriots, is beyond the pale. 

#notAfriadToThink            #proudAmerican             #LegalImmigration  

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