Do You Identify As An American? Then Give America the Christmas Gift of Supporting Her President !

Do You Identify As An American? Then Give America the Christmas Gift of Supporting Her President !

When thinking about Christmas, the term good will towards men comes to mind. How about extending some of that good will to your President, America.

For Those Who Don’t Support President Trump

  • Take a look at his policies – and only his policies. Disregard, if you can, his personality, the way he speaks, and the words he chooses. Actions speak louder than words, right? Focus on what he has done to and for the country and ask yourself objectively: Can you get behind any of the changes his Administration has implemented? Then, weigh his successes against things you disagree with about his policies for America.
  • Consider opening up your mind to the possibility that there may be some misinformation in the media about the president and his supporters. Ask yourself some rational questions about what he has actually done versus what many of his political opponents and the media have been reporting over the last three years. Then apply some good old-fashioned common sense to the matter.
  • Research how many presidents fulfill their campaign promises. Then learn how many campaign promises Donald Trump has fulfilled; whether you agree with the promise itself or not.
  • Are you able to disagree with President Trump’s policies without attacking him personally? Are you so caught up with his personality that you are unable to discuss policies and issues apart from him as a person?
  • If you are able to get behind anything his Administration has accomplished, a simple “good job” spoken to your friends, coworkers, and acquaintances can be your Christmas present to America.

For Those Who Support President Trump:

  • Read the above bullet points.
  • Get to know some of the facts about President Trump’s accomplishments in office, so you can confidently share them with others.
  • Don’t get into any post-truth, delusional arguments with opponents of the President. Instead, behave respectfully and rationally as you enlighten them to the positive changes in America since he took office.
  • Be willing to admit some of his mistakes. He is only human and has taken on more criticism, deception, unfair treatment, political slander, and ambush than any other president in recent history; if not in all of America’s history.
  • When the opportunity arises, share some of the amazing statistics and daily life improvements accomplished through the Trump Administration. That can be your Christmas present to America.

For Those Who Stay Out of Politics:

  • Unfortunately, there is no such thing as staying out of politics. As an American citizen, your vote – or lack thereof – IS your political statement. Your inaction is, in fact, an action. You have a personal obligation and responsibility to study up on the candidates vying for your vote by asking questions, seeking out answers, and resisting the urge to become part of the massive blind sheeple movement.
  • Take a look at the policies of both President Trump and any other politicians you may be interested in voting for. Try not to allow your emotions to rule while you focus on what has been done, and what they plan to do, for the country. Then ask yourself objectively: Can you get behind any of the changes the Trump Administration has implemented? Then, weigh the Administration’s successes against those things you disagree with about their policies for America.
  • At minimum, research the candidates running for office in America – whether it be Congress, the President, Governor, Mayor, or local Town Councils. Take the time to fulfill your citizen obligations of knowing the candidates and what they stand for. Then vote. That can be your Christmas present to America.

A citizenry knowledgeable about her government officials and policies is a very good thing. It ensures honesty and holds servant officials to their obligation to serve their constituents. It reduces the amount of deception, political scandal and manipulation perpetrated on the country because so many eyes are trained on the comings and goings of their political leaders. An engaged audience sees more and expects more. That can only be good for everyone … that is, everyone except the grinches of the world who live to take, hurt, manipulate, destroy, and deny all successes.

Whether or not you agree with all the policies of the Trump Administration, you can still respect and support the office of the United States President. I’ve done it for decades; with presidents I voted for and those I ABSOLUTELY DID NOT vote for. The office deserves respect, reverence and support on the world stage, regardless of who actually holds the office. So, even if your younger brother is a royal jerk, when the kids down the block try to jump him, you stand on his side. Shouldn’t that be the same for the United States when other nations try to bully, swindle, or take advantage of us?

Let’s come together to gift America with support for her highest office.

#notAfraidToThink      #MerryChristmas #MAGA      #KnowYourPoliticians

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