If The Swamp is Drained, Will Impeachment Still Be A Thing?

Fair is fair! Regardless of her historically grave missteps, America is a nation that strives for fairness. In fact, aren’t most, if not all, of her internal fights and struggles born out of Americans being unwilling to remain silent in the face of unfairness?

This “get Trump at all costs” mentality that lives in the minds of Never-Trumpers, the Democrat party, the wholly un-objective media, and sadly, the low information Americans has got to stop. It is patently UNFAIR! Whether or not you like, agree with, or support the guy is secondary to the fact that he is being treated unfairly with a massive bias toward untruths. How can we, as Americans, stand by and watch such treachery, manipulation, lies, slander and defamation of character? If the powers that be can do it to the most powerful man in America, what makes you think they can’t do it to you, the everyman?

Destroying a person because you don’t agree with him is unAmerican. This country is founded on speaking out against tyranny and mob mentality. Speaking out freely, like our Constitution says we can. Bad things are allowed to  happen when good people don’t act. Well, I’m taking action. This is wrong. The double standard is so incredibly loud and obvious that you would have to be an ostrich not to see it. And even then, it would be hard to ignore.

As I turn my attention to the Impeachment trial of the United States President, I ask why. Could it be because the man at the center of it is unliked by many? Or the policies of his Administration are unliked by the opposition party? Or that the stories being promulgated in the media are all shouting that he is guilty, while others that have done similar things, or worse, are not guilty? Or that the “swamp” of career politicians will do anything to stay in power, not the least of which include lies, deceit, framing, and bias? Or is it something else?

Since the transcript of the July phone call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky that led to the impeachment inquiry was released to the public, everyone has been able to read it for themselves. Why was an investigation needed? Everything was already laid out for all to see. How opponents of President Trump managed to create something secret out of something transparent is a bit of a mystery. Maybe that process should be investigated. Oh but that would be too fair; to investigate all politicians with the same measuring stick.

The idea of this call being used as the basis for impeachment is far beyond absurd for at least four reasons. (1) The call wasn’t just between the two leaders; as with all leaders, there were over a dozen people listening on the call. Yet, months later out of nowhere, some random, secret person came forward with some “concerns” that none of the other officials in neither the United States nor Ukraine observed. (2) Ukraine stated they were not pressured and the call was wholly appropriate. There are no victims here. (3) The impeachment claims Trump offered a quid pro quo. If that were the case, we would see Ukraine doing what they were told and/or we would see them getting no money. What actually took place was Ukraine did not announce any investigation nor did they conduct any; AND Ukraine did receive aid from the U.S. (4) Ukraine continued to converse with U.S. officials several times after the alleged inappropriate July call, with no issues. Drop the mic.

Oh, but the mic is still on and the Democrats in the House of Representatives, along with their biased media allies, have picked it up and are running around wailing with sore loser faces about Trump having won the 2016 election. After throwing everything at him but the kitchen sink, and watching him continue to stand and deliver, and deliver, and deliver on his promises, one can only wonder how they will survive another Trump term. And if they are still in majority power, how will the nation stomach their regurgitated accusations and the pursuant acid reflux?

Hey career Washington politicians on a civil servant’s salary with your big houses, rich lifestyles and fat bank accounts, we see you and it’s obvious who you stand for … yourselves, not the American people. And Trump the outsider is still an outsider. All he had to do was shut his mouth and side with you and he could’ve avoided all your wicked plans, character assassinations, illegal frame jobs, and attempts to destroy him and his family. But he refuses, and instead stands against you as a stark contrast to your corruption and disdain for everyday Americans.

When outsiders come in – like President Trump – they must be indoctrinated and submit themselves to the way things work in Washington. Political extermination awaits those that don’t acquiesce … as we have seen over the last three years since this Administration took office. Isn’t it obvious?

Whatever they choose to do in Washington, that tiny nation within our nation should not be allowed to supersede the will of the American People. We are the ones who allow those Washington politicians to be there, and when they stop representing us and go off on their own tangent of self promotion and self preservation, it is our duty to shut them down. Perhaps it’s time we recognize what history shows: the more decades people stay in the political power vacuum, the more corrupt they become and the harder they fight – at the expense of any and all things – to keep their positions.

If you think about it, President Donald Trump has been basically the same since he was in the private sector, on television, on the campaign trail, and in the Whitehouse. He made statements of his beliefs as a businessman decades ago, he made campaign promises four years ago, and he has kept those promises since he has been in office. So the mischaracterization of President Trump with nonstop accusations that fly in the face of who he has clearly shown himself to be – without the typical political facades of his opponents – should be pretty easy to dismiss.

This is America. We all have rights – even the President. Innocent until proven guilty is what our justice system is founded upon, not the other way around. It is not up to the President or his legal team to prove he didn’t do something; instead, those that oppose him must clearly and succinctly – oh yeah, and honestly – lay out facts, devoid of opinion, feelings, or wishful thinking.

To this day, that has not been done. On the contrary, the opposite has been done for the last three years by way of extensive investigations by our top agencies and officials into all things Trump. If those investigations, as deep and intrusive as they were, did not render any wrongdoing, can we all agree it’s time to move on. Short of that, it may be time to start a class action harassment lawsuit: American People v. Democrat Party, Mass Media, et al.

We must not allow a small majority of powerful people in politics and the media to tell us what to think and who to support. Trump gave up a cushy life to subject himself to more criticism and opposition than any other president in our history. He absolutely did not have to do that. In fact, he gets very little out of it personally, except to help the country he loves.

So America, it’s up to us to vote out the Swamp Dwellers in government regardless of what side of the aisle they sit on. And Mr. President, keep draining the Swamp!!

#NotAfraidToThink       #DoubleStandard #ReunifyOurCountry

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