All of America Agrees: We Are Unified Against the Floyd Tragedy

I am so uplifted and inspired by the lifting of so many different voices in support of the family of George Floyd. This man was senselessly taken from this world and his family through what looks to be sheer arrogance, insensitivity, and possibly malice. I can’t speak to the issue of race in this situation; I don’t know if it was racially motivated or motivated by the overly arrogant abuse of power being lorded by one in authority over a civilian. Either way, a man’s life was taken while in the custody of those who are sworn to protect him.

Officer Derek Chauvin of the Minneapolis Police Department was arrested and charged with murder in the suffocation death of Mr. Floyd. Officers that stood idly by have to answer for their non-action as well. The entire nation was outraged and incensed by the video released showing the killing of Mr. Floyd. Anger burst forth in the form of protesters carrying signs and speaking out boldly in demand of justice in the streets of MInneapolis and other cities across America. An end to police brutality and murder of suspects was the battle cry.

Unfortunately, it was not surprising when violent, unsuppressed anger erupted in the midst of these legitimate protests, taking over center stage with violent acts of brutality, arson, looting, and extreme destruction of property. And as in the past, that anger was directed at the very neighborhoods and businesses owned and occupied by black people.

How does this express anger toward the rogue officer that perpetrated such an egregious injustice? How does such violence and destruction against innocent people solve the injustice to or offer support to the Floyd family? And what recourse do the victims of the rioters have to gain justice themselves? Will there be more protests to stand up for their injustice? Most likely not.

The feelings of anger and helplessness in light of this outrageous act of violent indifference to human life – Mr. Floyd’s life – deserve an outlet. They need and deserve to be expressed; and, in fact, they were overwhelmingly expressed; in unified shock, horror, and disgust by all races, cultures, colors, groups, and classes. How one loud, unified voice of agreement somehow morphed into violent mayhem on the streets of American cities is unclear.

Who is standing in opposition to the cries for justice? Who are the malevolent forces masquerading as “protesters” fighting against? Officers, law enforcement, public servants, and everyday Americans all agree that the tragic death of George Floyd was wrong and unacceptable and that those responsible must be held accountable.

We are all in agreement. Justice must be served. This is a good thing. So, how has this turned into a great race divide, cries of systemic racism, and supremely prejudiced statements like: white people are … black people are … cops are …? Let’s not allow this horrific event to define us and America as a racist people in a racist nation. That is simply not the truth. Personal accountability for all people is what is needed. It is what fights racist, discriminatory, and patently prejudiced people and statements from poisoning the rest of us.

    #personalAccountability       #justice        #ReunifyOurCountry

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