Hey Congresswomen, Just Because I Don’t Agree Doesn’t Mean I’m Racist … Tweet That!

This twisted definition of racism is turned into another travesty when true racism is watered down by it. Many whining, self-promoting, thin-skinned, sore losers who are unable to use intellect and facts to win in the arena of thoughts and ideas rely on the R-word to give them cover. ... So, Congresswomen - and those spewing this foolishness alongside you - stop insulting me and other thinking individuals with your feigned outrage and moral insult. You are Congresswomen in the den of politics. You can't be both weak and strong; claiming that you're so tough and not afraid of the big bad president while crying the big croc tears and appropriating racism when he tells you off!

The Green New Deal Needs Too Much Green and Sacrifices Dignity

“there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”. ... if the Green New Deal is offering everything for free, what price will we all have to pay to get it? ... There are two things at work here: the ability of the government to give away billions of dollars worth of free stuff indefinitely; and the effect that free stuff will have on our collective work ethic, sense of personal responsibility, pride, dignity, ingenuity, and freedoms.