The Green New Deal Needs Too Much Green and Sacrifices Dignity

I can honestly say that I don’t know anyone who would say no to free money. Of course, there are those who would be immediately skeptical about the word free … and rightly so. Anyone who’s been around for any length of time has either seen someone duped by that word or been fooled by it themselves. Whether it be the free month of service (credited only after the first year of paid service), the free sandwich (with the purchase of …), or the free dinner date (with the expectation for dessert at your place, and I don’t mean food).

There always seems to be a catch; hence the old adage, “there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”. If you get something, you have to give something: it’s just that simple. So, now the question becomes if the Green New Deal is offering everything for free, what price will we all have to pay to get it?

There are two things at work here: the ability of the government to give away billions of dollars worth of free stuff indefinitely; and the effect that free stuff will have on our collective work ethic, sense of personal responsibility, pride, dignity, ingenuity, and freedoms. And let’s not get started on the toll it would take on the economy and the national debt, if it is even feasible at all.

Tackling the logistics of the government providing its citizens every need is almost as big an undertaking as them actually being able to execute it. Where would the money come from to pay for all the free health care, college tuition, healthy food, and monthly wage? We are barely managing some of these things for our most needy citizens and the multitudinous system scammers as it is. You can’t get water from a stone.

Some of you may find yourself immediately and robotically chanting the hypnotic lines the media has fed us for decades: We’ll just take it from the rich; they have way more than their fair share and they don’t need all that anyway. Taking from the rich has its limits; not to mention the controversial nature of the whole taking part. Eventually there will be no more to take. Then what? Tax the masses with burdensome amounts that leave them in need of government assistance?

Does this sound like a modified Ponzi scheme? Create a problem or tap into human greed, convince people of their need for your solution, then create dependence while saving them from the decrepit condition you put them in.

Even if there were some far-fetched, fairyland, endless pot of gold, our poorly run, understaffed, inefficient government systems riddled with waste and fraud are hardly the ones we would want to control it. Do we really want to turn more money and responsibility over to government management with their horrible track record? Exhibit one: the public school system. Exhibit two: food stamps and Medicaid. Exhibit three: the U.S. Post Office. Need I say more?

As for our collective psyche, should we be concerned about the kind of society we could become if we are not developing and utilizing good character traits? Things like: working for our keep; taking pride in our talents and a job well done; helping our fellow citizens in need; and taking personal responsibility for our own lives.

According to the Green New Deal, the government is the answer to our woes. They are the ones to take care of us all and will somehow be able to guarantee a monthly wage to every American, including those who choose not to work. How will that encourage people to do better? We’ve already seen this bait and switch when the government promised money and benefits for single mothers only after they put their men out of the home. The country is still reeling from those programs. Are we really going to fall for it again, and on an even larger scale?

May I suggest we all put our noses to the grindstone, work hard, discover our innate talents, and grow our passion into a sustainable life for ourselves. With our heads held high, chests poked out in self-dignity and accomplishment, and our fellow citizens lifting us up when we stumble, we can enjoy the fruits of our labor with family and friends. This, without government restrictions, interference, or demands. Wow, what a concept! Our forefathers would be proud.

#notafraidtothink          #notafraidofhardwork        #prideanddignity        #notsheeple

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