“Ma’am, If You Don’t Put That Away …”: My Experience at the Voting Booth

“Ma’am, please put that away; you’re going to get us all in trouble,” he stated nervously in a hushed voice. ... Stifling an incredulous giggle, I said, “the law says you are not REQUIRED to see an ID, it does not say you must refuse anyone offering to show it.” ... She wanted to know my name, but she didn’t really want to know my name because if she did ...

Dem Debates: Kissing the Spanish Buttocks and Insulting Hispanic Intelligence In the Process

Let me get this right. In order to include the millions of immigrants in the United States, the presidential candidates must speak Spanish? What about all the immigrants that are not from Spanish speaking countries - don’t they matter? And what about all the illegal immigrants that are unwilling to learn English, unwilling to commit to the American way of life, unwilling to embrace our culture alongside theirs? ... Yet, here we are pandering to the Hispanic population; determined to learn Spanish while they are equally as determined not to learn English. This is craziness.