Illegal Immigration: 12 Million+ People Said “Screw You!”

If you told someone they couldn’t come in your house and they said “Screw You!” and came in while you were at work, would that be OK? What if 5 people did that? 10 people? Would you thank them for disregarding your wishes and simply decide they could stay after all?

What if you had the police escort them out of your house, only to find them back four days later, sitting on your couch watching TV? Then would you change your mind and decide to let them live with you?

What if they went on the news or organized a demonstration talking about what a bad person you were for not letting them stay in your house and that you were a racist for telling them to leave? What if they said they had as much right to be in your house as you do and that they will not let you take that right away from them? What if they had kids with them when they broke into your house and started living there? Would you then be required to let them live in your house with you?

Perhaps it’s time we thought about why illegal immigrants have been given equal rights, benefits, and standing in America alongside her legal citizens; without any boundaries, stipulations, or retribution. America has failed in upholding her own laws when she did not enforce the massive and flagrant flow of immigrants illegally entering and settling here. Now that action is finally being taken – many years later, in some cases – it can seem unfair and wrong.

Yet, some would argue that it was unfair and wrong to let people stay who violated our laws to get here. What about the immigrants who went through the proper process to get here: the long, arduous, and expensive process? Are you telling them that they were fools to obey the rules and should have broken them like all the others did? After all, there are many illegal immigrants with more to show for their lawless entry than those who came with permission. Is that fair?

Why were illegal immigrants rewarded with social security numbers, welfare benefits, free public education and driver’s licenses as a result of breaking our laws? Does it make sense for government agencies to give out these benefits to lawbreakers? Now, whenever a lawmaker tries to enforce our immigration laws, the very laws previous administrations refused to uphold, they are met with attitudes of entitlement and outrage. Why isn’t the American government enforcing our immigration laws?

Is there some hidden agenda here? Maybe something is rotten in the State of United.

Whatever the reason, we are now in a quandary. What is to be done about the estimated 12.5 million immigrants here ILLEGALLY ?

Well, let’s take an example. You, Alex and six other people go in for a group interview for an incredible job. This position is filled annually as the current employee is promoted to leadership. The interviewer tells you all the requirements for the job and sets up individual appointments to speak to each of you over the next week. Two weeks later, when the interview process is over, you receive a call stating that you did not get the job; it was given to Alex. Oh well, life goes on.

A year later, you apply again because the job leads to a solid career at a great company. While there, you discover the reason you didn’t get the job was because Alex cheated. Once again, you don’t get the job; it went to a friend of Alex’s.

You report this injustice and await a fair response. You are told that you are right and that the position Alex stole should be yours; but, it will take some time to rectify. You follow up with them every 6 months, and reapply each year when the previous hire is promoted. Even though it is common knowledge that Alex and his friend should not be in the great positions they are in, the powers that be are unable or unwilling to get them out.

In time, the company is sold to a larger, more reputable company. The new CEO comes in and informs all employees that the buck stops here. She has her team filter through all employee records and re-interview each employee. It is determined that Alex, his friend, and twenty other employees obtained their jobs illegally. With that knowledge, she and her team of executives, Department Heads and Supervisors proceed to fire them all. They are all given 60 days notice; they are allowed to continue to work there to give them time to secure another job elsewhere; two months severance pay, and no legal charges leveled against them. If desired, they may reapply for employment after three years, but will have no preferential treatment in the hiring process.

The CEO explains that she believes those lawbreaking employees deserve to be fired on the spot, with no severance at all. The problem is, they were allowed to remain at the company after their illegal activity was known and she felt it would be unfair to put them out empty-handed now. Since the company was at fault in overlooking this problem for so long, she thought it only fair to give them some time and severance pay to support themselves while they found other employment. She is clear that there will be no extensions, whether the employees in questions found another job or not.

Of the twenty two illegally hired employees, six had committed one or more illegal acts in addition to their shady hiring techniques. Those employees were not extended the grace given the others. Instead they were escorted out of the building and fired, with no chance to return.

After reading this analogy and perhaps coming up with some of your own, I ask you again to think about the millions of immigrants who knowingly entered this country in direct violation of our laws. Is their illegal presence here negatively affecting any legal immigrants or U.S. citizens, like Alex did in the story above? Are we sending an ambiguous message when we allow lawbreakers to remain – without consequence – for long periods of time? Is simply ignoring flagrant wrongdoing a viable way to a lawful society?

Should illegal immigrants be unquestionably deported for their wrongdoing; given grace due to America’s long term lack of consequences; or simply given full immunity, as if they never did anything wrong in the first place?

Whatever is decided by the laws of the land, we must first admit that wrongdoing took place, be humble and apologetic, and then hope for the best.

#notafraidtothink                          #notblindsheep                    #reunifyourcountry

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