Chicago: Thousands of Shootings, Yet Still Ignored

I’m not sure if it’s common knowledge yet, but for years the city of Chicago has maintained more deaths per year than those serving in our military. More than 3,500 people were shot in Chicago in 2017, Sun-Times data shows. Over the last 3 months, since 2018 began, over 450 Chicagoans have been shot, with 100 of those losing their lives. Where are the Gun Control Advocates, the NAACP and the Black Lives Matter pretenders on this issue?


Maybe they should change their names and add a tagline: the National Association for the Advancement of SOME Colored People; or Hand Selected Black Lives Matter, and only if it somehow fits into our political agenda.

Are we honestly to believe they care about all the lives lost to gun violence and that the precious lives of black people matter, when they are disgracefully silent and absent in the city of Chicago … and Baltimore, New Orleans, Detroit and St. Louis, too, for that matter. These cities are overrun with black on black shootings on an almost daily basis; and too many of the victims are innocents who get caught in this evil crossfire.

Are we to believe that these murderers cannot be stopped? Has Chicago been deemed a lost cause?

Take a walk with me. Picture a beautiful city in middle America. It’s springtime, the birds are fluttering in the trees, houses are pretty and well kept, kids are playing outside, joggers are getting their workouts in, and the air is fresh and clean. Do you think 700 murders per year would go unnoticed there? N-to-the-O! I bet that not even a half dozen murders would go without alarm and calls to action.

Are we to believe that law abiding citizens in Chicago are any less important and have any less right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness than any other American? THERE IS SOMETHING TERRIBLY WRONG HERE! Why isn’t anyone doing anything about it? Where are all the minority groups whose very existence is to support a better life for black people?

I must confess that on one level I think that if all those drug dealers and gang-bangers want to kill each other off, so be it – less work for law enforcement to do. Those who choose a violent life of crime will probably die by that life. A small part of me accepts that fact; yet, the bigger part of me hurts. These are human beings, too; despite behaving in such inhumane ways. Some of them may benefit from a chance to choose differently.

Regardless of what the murderers want, the people of Chicago deserve the protection, security, and freedom from fear, which our government, through its agencies, is obligated to provide to all citizens of our country! Put yourself in their shoes. Is it OK to go to bed at night to the sounds of gunshots? To live in constant fear and anxiety because of what other people are doing around you? For your freedom to live at peace to be stolen away by unchecked and largely ignored violence?

No one should have to live like that in America. No one.

What is the police department doing? Are they inundated with the number of calls for help? Are they understaffed? Are they complicit, corrupt, and in the pocket of the criminals? Is the community shielding the criminals from arrest?

What about the government officials? Are they taking their crisis to Washington and declaring a State of Emergency? Are they calling in the National Guard to institute curfews and gain control of the city? Have they given up?

Or is there something else going on here? Corruption or cover ups? Has it been decided that nothing will be done to stop the violence in Chicago?

We already had a black President from Illinois who failed to use his office to help the very people he once stood alongside as their Senator. So, if the most powerful man in the world – one of Chicago’s own – didn’t care about its plight, who will?

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