Another Call to Black People: Our Ancestors Would Be Ashamed!

Yes, I said it and I believe it. Even a superficial look at the history of the Civil Rights Movement would lead any thinking individual to say the same.

Black people were oppressed, mistreated, deemed unteachable and inferior, abused, and horrifically murdered. These facts are indisputable. Yet, so were Jewish people. Japanese people endured horrific internment camps. Irish people were reviled, mistreated, left jobless and starved. And don’t get me started on how women have been regarded throughout history. We all know that these cruel, inhumane and unjust ways were wrong. Unrighteousness. Ungodly. Inexcusable. Evil.

The Civil Rights Movement affected change. Change which we all see, feel, and live today. Are there still people who are cruel, unjust and evil? YES! Yet they are NOT THE MAJORITY, and it’s about time we quit acting like they are.

Our ancestors could not conceive of the state of black people in America today: thousands and thousands of black people killing other black people; hundreds of thousands of black people living off Government handouts instead of rolling up their sleeves and working hard everyday; black men fathering children and choosing to abandon them; black women refusing to marry and create a stable family environment for their children; and black people refusing to get an education – the very thing that for decades they were forbidden to do. Today, black people are selling poisonous substances to other black people by the tens of thousands and making millions of dollars at the cost of black lives – thousands more than those “Uncle Toms” who worked overseeing their fellow slaves. Then there are the many black people with a platform to reach millions and choose to sing about the glamour of violence, exploitation of women, or racial divisions.

Could you imagine the black men and women of the 1950’s or 60’s marching in solidarity for the cause and right to murder one another, abandon their families, sexualize and dehumanize their women, push drugs on one another, and not go to school?

The Little Rock Nine faced the very real threat of death to be allowed to go to school and learn. They knew the value of a good education and worked hard to get it.

Slaves worked on farms growing things, not turning them into poisonous substances to give to their children and teens, so they could make money for themselves.

Women were a respected and very valuable part of the Movement. They were cherished and protected whenever possible; and the men were deeply torn when black women were abused and hurt.

Slave families were torn apart, separated, and sold away from each other. These families fought and risked their lives to stay together.

These black people would lay down their lives for another black person, because they were all in the fight together. The fight for freedom, rights, respect, and life itself.

Today, black people are in all areas of our society, from the ranks of the service worker to the highest ranking positions in corporate and government offices. Every man and woman has gifts, skills, and inclinations in different arenas: not everyone is cut out to be a social worker, a waiter, a financial analyst, a retail manager, a doctor, a farmer, an athlete, a politician or a teacher. Whatever your gift, use it.

I submit to you that black people have been doing just that. So, let’s make our ancestors proud and not let all their sacrifices be in vain. The best response to injustice is success in spite of it. We can start by spending less time complaining and crying foul and more time taking advantage of all the opportunities before us in this great United States of America. Rihanna said it well, “Work, work, work, work, work, work.” Let’s get to work. Let’s shine. Let’s rise.

{Disclaimer: This does not in any way apply to all black people in America. We are a diverse group. This is aimed at the stereotyped “African Americans” that too many black people embrace as some oppressed, minority group of racially abused victims. We must not advance this narrative nor allow it to continue to shape who the media says we are!}

#notafraidtothink                        #notsheeple #reuniteourcountry

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