The Mueller Probe is Over. He’s Done With it, So Why Aren’t You?

Frustration. Fundamental injustice. Unfairness. Biased reporting. Grasping at straws. Overlooking the purpose of the investigation to nitpick at minuscule side issues.

How is it that for over two years all the public heard was Trump-Russia collusion, but now that the investigation has come to an end – and I use the word end very loosely – we don’t hear much of anything about the stunning lack of collusion. Shouldn’t that highly anticipated, $30+ million dollar conclusion be ringing in our societal ears in headline after headline, news report after news report, and ultimately water cooler after water cooler?

But instead, that final conclusion is but a footnote, a sidebar, an under the breath mutter said only to claim that you said it, while heartily stampeding forward with yet another accusation. The white knight, Special Counsel Robert Mueller, was given a hero’s send off as he rode away on his collusion-sniffing horse; yet, now that he has returned without the holy grail of guilt evidence, his credibility and professional voracity has been quietly minimized. Of course he could never come back with evidence, since it simply does not exist on this side of reality. Yet, in the matrix of Trump haters, everything they wish was true, is; facts be darned.

Why is it so difficult to report the results of the Mueller investigation as simply this: President Donald Trump did not collude with Russians, nor did anyone else the Special Counsel investigated. President Trump was not charged with obstruction or anything else. President Trump was not charged with any wrongdoing.

Cooperation by the Administration. No invoked Executive Order. No Interference. No collusion. End of Investigation. End of Report. End of the matter. Should those not be the glaring headlines, repeated ad nauseam across all news platforms?

If the purpose of the investigation was to expose such collusion – and recall that was the reason for the very existence of the Special Counsel – then why isn’t the most important conclusion of said probe the simple fact that there was no collusion? Instead, that fact is a brief side note to the headlong dive into another set of allegations, most prominently, obstruction of justice. Such irony. The report to find justice uses unjust means to do so and then says someone is guilty of obstructing the justice that was never really there to begin with. Hmmmm.

Is there anyone who believes the Mueller team likes the President? Is it fair to say they despise him personally and all that he stands for generally? So, it follows that they would try any and everything, subpoena any and everyone, gather all papers, documents, and the like to charge the President with wrongdoing. And for two plus years that is exactly what they did; publicly taking the American people along with them.

The media made sure they kept the indignant, self-righteous, emotion laden message hypnotically droning in our ears day in and day out: Trump is guilty and it’s only a matter of time before Mueller nails him on it, you’ll see.

But that is not what happened. In fact, the exact opposite was the report’s finding. Yet, here we are still being inundated with the echo chamber of the Democratic leadership and their cohorts in the media, Trump did it … id it … id it id it.

How is this OK? How can so many clearly hyper-partisan media reports slander and try President Trump and all those around him in the court of manipulated public opinion nearly every day for some 800 days and get away with it? That is not news. It is personal opinion and slander masquerading as news. I would challenge true news outlets and reporters to make their voices heard and speak up against this bias. Silence of the good only emboldens the bad, and leads to generalized discreditation of news media as a whole.

One of marketing’s oldest and well known concepts, the Rule of Seven, tells us that a prospective buyer should hear or see a marketing message at least seven times before they will buy it. The irresponsible and often dishonest media has been selling a guilty verdict in the Trump-Russia collusion probe with way more than seven one-sided messages pushed onto the American news consumer. In fact, there have been thousands of messages implying, hinting at, or downright stating that Trump-Russia collusion happened; no wonder so many believe Trump guilty regardless of the actual facts.

Even now, despite the facts bearing out no collusion, the media’s marketing smear campaign still carries their original poison, dishonest, biased message, tweaked to replace the word collusion with the newest lockstep word, obstruction. Same game, different word.

At what point are they going to exit the Twilight Zone and accept that Russia collusion didn’t happen with President Trump or those around him, and be done with it? Unless, of course, Mr. Mueller or some other Special Counsel is willing to follow the trail of dealings that may lead to and from Mrs. Hillary Clinton and those around her. Why not, it’s only an investigation after all; it couldn’t hurt to take a look.

#NotAfraidToThink            #NotSheeple #NoTrumpCollusion       #MediaBias

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