Hey Media, Trump Didn’t Collude. It’s Time To Report On Who Did

Now that the Mueller Report has been released and its conclusions publicized, it is readily available to anyone who wants to see it. When I encountered it online and read the official report title, I was shocked and a bit confused. “Report On The Investigation Into Russian Interference In The 2016 Presidential Election”.

Wait. It wasn’t the Trump Collusion Report? Not an exclusive Investigation into Trump-Russia Collusion, but an investigation into any person, behavior, or actions that interfered with the 2016 election? Well, you could’ve fooled me … and the American people, as well. How many people believed this was a probe into the President, not into Russia? Yet right there in the title of the report is the mission of the investigation: to look for Russian interference, from wherever it comes.

That means any lawmaker, politician, committee or individual could fall into the scope of that investigation. So, for the last two years, why has the media description of the probe had only Trump’s name attached to it? This is mind blowing! Why wasn’t it called The Report On The Investigation of The Republican National Convention,The Democratic National Convention, Donald Trump and his Administration, Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Barack Obama and his Administration, the Department of Justice, the FBI and any other person in regards to Russian Interference in the 2016 Election?

If it was truly an investigation into Russian interference, wouldn’t it stand to reason that there would be subpoenas and interviews under oath with other Washington beltway players of whom at minimum shady behavior, and at most traceable evidence, has come forward? To truly desire to get to the bottom of a hostile, foreign adversary defiling our cherished election system, why would you leave so many stones unturned? Judging by the attack dog nature of the Special Counsel appointment to focus exclusively on President Trump and the media’s nonstop command to sick him, one might be manipulated to forget that the actual enemy of the United States is Russia, not her own duly elected president.

Did Robert Mueller have to walk the line between two realities? One where he appeared to be investigating objectively, the other where he did whatever necessary to get Donald Trump. He and his handpicked, Trump-hating team worked tirelessly for over two years digging, fishing, questioning, subpoena-ing, threatening, intimidating, cornering, and wheeling and dealing with anyone and everyone who had the slightest connection with the President. Forget six degrees of separation; the Special Counsel was willing to take Grand Canyon-sized degrees, and even those didn’t necessarily have to be connected. In order to connect some of the far-fetched dots, Mueller’s team would have to take microscopic specks and surgically join them together just to get to a point where it might be called a dot.

Would it be fair to say that Trump wasn’t given any breaks or special treatment by this team; not in any way, shape or form? In fact, he was dragged through every possible puddle of mud and then questioned as to why he had trace elements of mud on his shoes. They were, and still are, grappling to understand why Donald Trump hasn’t faded quietly into that good night.

After pulling out all the stops to tie President Trump to Russian collusion and secret, nefarious activity, they were unable to conjure up a single shred of evidence to support their mind-dulling mantra of Trump-Russian Collusion. Any reasonable person must concede that if they could have indicted, charged, or at the very least implied, they most certainly would have.

So the final conclusion of the tenacious, nonstop, ruthless investigation of the President is simply this: Neither Donald Trump nor anyone around him colluded with Russia. Period. That conclusion ended with a definitive period, not a question mark, a comma or an ellipsis. So, why is it not over? What is the detachment from reality that would have people – smart, educated, Mueller-trusting people – still unwilling to accept the team’s conclusion?

Furthermore, such an in-depth investigation into Russian collusion must have led the Mueller team to possible inappropriate, questionable, or illegal activity by other Washington insiders. Why aren’t we hearing anything about that? Strange, huh?

Why bother wasting any more American taxpayer dollars to fund an already overdrawn investigation when it is clear that the resultant conclusions will be manipulated, stripped of their value, ignored, pushed aside, and replaced with an imaginary alternate ending that fits the much sought after narrative?

Better yet, why not begin a two year counter-investigation into those unwilling to accept the conclusion. It oughta be interesting to see how many of them could withstand the unfair and biased scrutiny to which our United States President was subjected. … And yet, he still stands.

#notAfraidToThink             #notSheeple           #mediaBias          #noCollusion

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