Political Bias Has No Place in Emergencies

In response to a measles outbreak in New York and a humanitarian and illegal immigration crisis at the southern border, lawmakers have declared a State of Emergency in both the state and the nation. Those declarations give broad authority to both the Mayor of New York City and the President of the U.S. to confront the crisis at hand, and ensure the safety of the American people. But even in serious matters of public safety, the media’s hypocritical bias won’t be denied.

President Trump declared on Feb 15, 2019 that the United States had a crisis on the southern border that created unsafe environments for both illegal immigrants and Americans alike. The media coverage was less than fair as they continually wrote that the President was illegally using and abusing his power and that the crisis was not real, but manufactured. The almost exclusively one-sided press fed these lines to the American people, without ceasing. Has the time come for us to review the definitions of libel and slander and remind the news media of their responsibility to do neither?

On the other side of the biased spectrum, we have the  April 9, 2019 NY Times article covering the Public Health State of Emergency declared by Mayor Bill de Blasio, in which it objectively informs us of the actions taken by the mayor in response to a measles outbreak in his city. With the authority vested in him as the city’s mayor, de Blasio instituted mandatory vaccinations, barred unvaccinated children from attending school, and turned away parents who were unwilling to vaccinate. He defended his authority to compel compliance, fine the non-compliant, and take even more “harsh” and “muscular” approaches, if necessary for the protection of the city’s residents. How is that any different than requiring people wishing to enter our country to follow our procedures? Of course the article wouldn’t be complete without quotes that oozed agreement for the Mayor’s approach.

Now, let’s draw a parallel between New York’s State of Emergency and the nation’s State of Emergency. Remember the goal in both cases is to protect our citizens. In NY, it’s don’t spread infection and put lives at risk; in the USA, it’s don’t spread drugs and lawlessness and put lives at risk. In both cases, authority exists to stop, compel, fine, or ban the non-compliant. So, why is only one of them met with such opposition, stubborn resistance, and refusal to put aside personal feelings?

Below is an excerpt from an April 9, 2019 NY Times article on the measles outbreak and subsequent emergency declaration. It has been reworked by loosely replacing the measles issue with that of illegal immigration issue:

For decades, U.S. officials have been fighting illegal immigration… They tried education and outreach … They also tried harsher measures, like holding illegal border crossers… officials … took a more drastic step to stem one of the largest immigrant migration caravans in decades. … The declared State of Emergency would require undocumented individualsto enter through a legal port of entry. .. the federal government would follow immigration laws to include issuing violations, arresting and possible deportation for those who did not comply…States on our southern border are at the epicenter of illegal immigration and that is very, very troubling and must be dealt with immediately, Mr. de Blasio said … Border walls work. It is safe, it is effective, it is time-tested…

… The measure follows a spike in border crossings in our southern border states, where there have been thousands of confirmed illegal border crossings since President Trump took office in 2017; …officials conceded that the earlier orders to control illegal immigrationhave not been effective. .. the federal government [will] fine or even temporarily shut down borders, detain or deport  [those] that did not abide by the measure. ..“There has been some real progress in addressing the issue, but it’s just not working fast enough and it was time to take a more muscular approach,”. ..as new caravans arrive at the U.S. borders, officials would check the records of any individuals who were found to be illegally entering the country.. ..undocumented or illegally arriving children … may not enter the country without first going through a vetting process for the duration of this illegal immigration crisis.

If you choose to not enter the country legally, you will be arrested, detained, and/or deported. We have to protect our kids and our families… officials have been barring illegal immigrants from entering the country … the federal government… felt confident it was within its power to mandate enforcement of current immigration laws…We are absolutely certain we have the power to do this,” Mr. de Blasio said. “This is a humanitarian emergency.”..

“I think he’s doing the right thing…He’s trying to protect the children and the people of the country…I don’t think it’s your unalienable right as an illegal alien to be allowed to enter this country at will and not abide by her laws.”  …”any one that comes in and says that they don’t want to abide by U.S. laws, our officials will tell them please go find another country.” …

It’s interesting how a simple change in topic reveals the rampant double standards applied to issues outside of the desired narrative being pushed by so much of the biased media. Can you imagine reading in the general media, an article similar to that excerpt? Unless the issue being written about goes against President Donald Trump, don’t count on it.

Does it seem that those opposed to so many common sense, helpful initiatives put forth by the Administration are only opposing it because they personally don’t like the President? Initiatives many had previously supported when proposed by people from their own political party. Does that seem childish, vindictive, and petty? These are adults, – many of which have been in politics for decades – compromising, being diplomatic, making concessions, making trade-offs. It’s time for them to grow up and put us first. We, the people; not, me the politician.

If it’s good for the American people, then it’s good for the American people; regardless of where the good idea originated. Why can’t our elected officials put their petty feelings aside, tough it out, and do what they were voted in to do? Everyday Americans do it all the time at work, in relationships, and at school. If we can manage to do it, it’s high time our politicians were held accountable to do the same.

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