Is Impeachment the Democrat’s Last Ditch Effort to Overturn the Results of the 2016 Election and Will Americans Allow Their Voices to Be Nullified?

Has the Guinness Book of World Records been alerted to the possible record for the shortest time in public office before calls for impeachment? Incredibly, the I-word was first tossed out before Donald Trump even took office. Does that sound reasonable? The President-elect hadn’t yet been inaugurated, nor had he completed one act as president. Impeachment, really?

Democrats opposed to Trump are simply beside themselves, so desperate to rid themselves of the people’s choice for president, that they’ve granted themselves permission to mentally rewrite the rules for impeachment. Although an impeachment conviction doesn’t have a snowflake’s chance in hhhh…Hawaii, those that really, really want to make Donald Trump go away need some kind of dream to help them sleep at night. Like the spoiled kid who insists on getting his way or else you can’t be his friend or share his toys. We don’t like him. He’s bad. He’s a meany and won’t play right!

You would think these adults had grow out of such juvenile, vindictive selfishly motivated behavior. It only exposes them as the kind of sore losers that cheat, lie, and slander in desperate attempts at power. But, alas, this very behavior is playing out on the national stage as opponents of the President throw a collective tantrum and refuse to accept the fact that they lost the game they were playing; albeit a serious game of destroy the democracy that could have resulted in an all out overthrow of our elected president.

Unlike historic revolts, this was not an uprising of the people of America in response to a dictator, communism, or socialism, but a secret plot by a few elites that believe they know better than the millions of Americans that voted in the president of their choice. Lying, cheating, spreading misinformation, using the media as a false verification system, and actively seeking to intimidate and entrap the President and those around him … now that is not at all how a democratic republic works.

Shame on those responsible for putting together this elaborate plot to destroy not only President Trump and those that work with him, but the American political system, civil liberties, the Constitution, the rule of law and our very democracy. Those that actively put their own personal desires ahead of the American people must not be allowed to escape culpability, lest others become emboldened to attempt the same.

And even as I write this, political irresponsibles are working tirelessly to convince America that they didn’t do what they did and that President Trump did do what he didn’t. It’s like one big Opposite Day, only more like opposite years and opposite realities.

As Hamlet’s Queen Gertrude so eloquently exposed the guilty, so too will I say to those that so vehemently oppose the President’s very existence, thou doth protest too much, methinks. I  wonder what line Shakespeare would come up with for this scenario. You  democrat knaves, accept the verdict from your own royal counsel. They that screameth so forewardly toward impeachment, must themselves feel worthy of such.

If and when the true facts come out about this magnitudinal smear campaign, we will all see who has earned their place in history as the fired traitors of Washington.

#notAfraidToThink           #notSheeple            #noCollusion

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