What Should Be Done About “Women” in Women’s Athletics?

All politics aside … if that’s possible. Men and women are different: millions of athlete’s can’t all be wrong. Whether a student, league player, semi-pro, or professional, athletes know about these inherent differences. In fact, the famous 1973 Battle of the Sexes tennis challenge in which 29-year-old Billie Jean King defeated 55-year-old Bobby Riggs is an anomaly which has not been similarly repeated. I’m not sure it’s even been attempted due to the obvious fact that the fundamental physical differences make for an unfair playing field when it comes to high level athletics.

To put it bluntly, just because you feel like something, doesn’t make you that. We have all seen movies where a girl posed as a boy, or vice versa, to land a job, go undercover, or the like. Though they looked the part, when it came right down to it, their gender-specific traits were still very much present. We saw it when a timid “girl” suddenly full-fist punched out a guy with the help of her super muscle mass or a “man” let out a high-pitched screech when “his chest” was accidentally bumped.

Is there really anyone out there who believes it is fair for a muscle dense man to compete against a less muscle dense woman? One who can clearly run faster, hit harder, and endure longer? Is it fair to the birth-sex woman, who has trained all her life and made supreme sacrifices to develop her athletic ability, for someone with male biological advantages to strip her of her records and relegate her to perpetual second place?

Are we so blind as a society that we don’t see the trend toward men-turned-women taking and breaking titles, winning by large margins, and shattering women’s record times and achievements? Are we supposed to think it’s just a fluke, a coincidence that those new winners in the women’s category are, or once were, men? That would be fully disingenuous and intellectually dishonest.

Has anyone noticed that the only transgender athletes winning in their gender specific competitions are men competing as women, against other women? Where are all the transgender men competing against other men? Haven’t seen those trophy wins, have you? Could that be because a woman, in a woman’s body, who feels more like a man, and dresses and projects herself as a man, is no competition for a birth-sex man who has trained and qualified for a high level male event? So, that brings us back to biology again.

Why is it that men who train and rise to the top of their field are not at the risk of being title-stripped by natural born women on hormone replacement therapy? Not a rhetorical question. Why?

Biology is a tough customer; it isn’t swayed by political correctness, emotion laden outbursts or the word “discrimination”. There is such a thing as hard facts: immutable and irrefutable. This is not to say it could never happen in the future, but even then we would all have to accept the fact that biological alterations – in the form of drugs, hormones, and surgeries – would have to be present. And wouldn’t that erase – or at the very least, redefine – the age old problem of no steroids, doping, and performance enhancing chemicals? 

History can attest to athletes that have been stripped of their titles amid drug scandals that gave them an unfair advantage over their competitors. Does transgender drug intake and physical manipulation not live in that same realm?

There are plenty of people born with limitations that preclude them from various activities. This does not make them any less valuable or amazing in their own right. This is just a fact. They may be able to work hard and overcome some limitations or find different or innovative ways to excel; nevertheless there are realities they must face. In light of those facts, is it possible that when one chooses to change their biology, they must accept that they may no longer be able to compete in the same way?

I know that telling someone the answer is ‘No’ does not bode well in our give-me-everything-I-want-cause-I-really-want-it-and-deserve-it-by-the-very-nature-of-my-existence society, but there really are times when we simply are not allowed to do something. 

When my rights have to be taken away in order for you to have those very same rights, there is a problem. Is this what’s happening here? Are birth-sex women having their right to fair competition being taken away by transgender women who want the right to fair competition? This does not have to be a win-lose situation. If we all put our minds together and consider others better than ourselves, we can certainly find a win-win solution that will allow all to compete fairly.

#notAfraidToThink              #fairCompetition                    #notSheeple

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