Do You Think MAGA Is a Cuss Word and Patriotism Is Shameful?

When you think about those questions, it would seem that the answers would obviously be NO, yet somehow we have been masterfully manipulated and socially pressured to believe otherwise. What’s wrong with aspiring to greatness, wanting to be amazing, uplifting people, and inspiring innovation and creativity? America has always been thought of as a great nation of people that came together to experience independence, freedom, hardworking success, neighborly kindness, and consideration for those less fortunate. 

Despite the many mistakes and injustices by her people and to her people along the way, America has also had victories, unifying causes, and brotherly love. This country has always stood as a beacon of light and hope and resilience. Notwithstanding some of the ugly history, the American people have always found a way to overcome injustice, stand for righteousness, and fight for American values like: there are many more good people than bad; fight for what you believe in; you are never too young, small, or insignificant to make a difference; goodness always wins in the end; hard work pays off; help your neighbors; capitalism; democracy; and the American Dream.

As times change and people rely more and more on others to define their thinking through social media, it can be easy to fall into a set way of being – a cynical, critical way of being. With so much poverty, violence, hatred, and discouragement being broadcast regularly and repeatedly from cell phones and the media, very little emphasis on goodness and success, and the then-most-powerful man in the country, Obama, telling us to get used to it, who wouldn’t feel defeated?

Enter Donald Trump and his “Make America Great Again” motto. His desire to lift America up, encourage her people, inspire each one of us to utilize our God-given talents, open up opportunities for all to explore, and release our pent-up economy for the betterment of every American, is a good thing. How do we manage to interpret those things as bad? What twist do we have to put on it to convince ourselves those are not helpful, inspiring, uplifting actions? Think people. We can’t be sheeple blindly following anyone: the president, the media, our neighbor, or even our family members. We must be still, analyze, and think for ourselves.

When did celebrating America become a bad thing – a racist, homophobic, selfish, elitist, thing? I am a patriot: someone who loves her country. And just because evil men “loved” their country and did horrific things in the name of patriotism or nationalism, doesn’t mean loving your country itself is wrong. They were wrong. 

Patriotism is a healthy pride in, and love of country and desire to make it better. What’s wrong with that? Why must we be ashamed to stand proud for our country, our flag, our citizens and our values?

American history overflows with instances of victory, solidarity, and success; it is also rife with violence and struggles. We can’t focus only on the good or the bad, but must instead take the whole a growing child who learns as he goes along. Just like with our kids, they do wrong, but we still love them. They may have to face consequences for poor choices, but we still love them. They may need tough love that involves allowing them to suffer for their decisions or lifestyle choices, yet even while we can’t rescue them, we still love them. We give them time and chances, and hold out hope for their growth and change.

I believe America is a great nation that generously gives of herself for the good of humanity. Allow that statement to stand on its own, without that dastardly “but” added onto the end. Now, having said that, I acknowledge America has and will have her share of problems, mistakes, and despicable choices: it is, after all, made up of people. America doesn’t do anything; people do things. America is a place that stands for a theoretical, idealistic utopia. But, alas, America is made up of people and that includes you and me.

The best way to make America great again is to inspire her people to be great again: to care for one another; to call each other higher; to stand against wrongdoing; to uphold common standards and the laws; to expect hard work; to demand personal responsibility; and to celebrate all victories – big and small.

Is there anyone who can’t get behind that? OK, maybe a few; but I would submit there are always going to be those people among us that simply want to be miserable, negative, and bring the rest of us down. I say we keep moving forward with making America great again. Who knows, we might just win them over; but even if we don’t, our collective greatness still marches on.

#notAfraidToThink               #MAGA                   #reUnifyOurCountry


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