Ukraine: Enough with the Investigations Already – Fair Reporting Is What We Need

The man is the President of the United States. He has a job to do. And frankly, I’m quite surprised that Donald Trump has been able to accomplish anything with all the vindictive opposition, obstacles, misdirecting, and petty investigations that have been going on since Americans elected him President. The winner of the 2016 presidential election had barely been announced when political opponents swung into action to turn over the votes of the American people. And those attempts have not stopped to this very day.

Like clockwork, when one plot to throw Trump out of office didn’t work, another scheme was readily manufactured or pulled from the democrat waiting list. This last attempt is a real piece of hypocrisy – almost too much even by democrat standards.

President Trump is being accused, by an unknown individual(s) with less than direct knowledge, of using his office to coerce the Ukrainian Government to investigate corruption. Meanwhile back here on planet earth, Joe Biden has a recorded statement bragging about how, in his role as Vice President of the United States, he successfully forced Ukraine to fire their prosecutor by withholding foreign aid. At the time, their prosecutor was, by the way, investigating Biden’s son. And just to show off, Joe Biden further went on to invoke the name of President Obama as having his back in that matter. Where are all the conflict of interest police, and “that sounds shady” investigators on this issue?

t’s more than enough to show the folly of yet another accusation aimed at Trump. But wait … there’s more. Three U.S. Senators, all Democrats, wrote a letter to the Ukraine government strongly suggesting they cooperate with an investigation into President Trump. That letter was in response to an article from the New York Times, known for its extreme political bias and anti-Trump sentiment. 

Was the initial NY Times article legitimate or was it designed to create the basis needed to make the Senator’s letter look legit? Another circular strategy? Kinda like the bogus dossier deceitfully used to start the illegitimate Mueller Investigation. Start a rumor, then use that unsubstantiated rumor as a source for further rumor mongering. Circular enough for you?

These two examples are on the record as true and having happened. The malarkey about Trump had no written or recorded substantiation when it was reported; that is, until President Trump released the transcript from the actual conversation. That information should have made clear the falsity of the accusations. But nah. The media would much rather run with rumors that someone said something about someone who thought that maybe President Trump told Ukraine he would withhold monies due to corruption. How is this foolishness considered news? 

Furthermore, there has been a conflating of at least two separate issues here: if certain things were said and whether or not such words were in the scope of the law. Just because you don’t like or agree with someone’s methods doesn’t mean they are illegal. The media is supremely guilty of repeatedly reporting issues painted with a suspicious brush, an “everybody knows that’s wrong” tone, uncorroborated suppositions, a biased slant, words out of context, or just plain lies. This must stop. We deserve honest reporting of facts so we can make up our own minds about what we want for our country.

Obviously the media has no intention of winning back the trust of the American people. They have clearly given up all semblance of intellectual honesty, fact checking, and journalistic integrity. Although I know there are still some true journalists out there, they are becoming fewer and farther between. And in that story, we all lose.

#notAfraidToThink        #mediaBias #doubleStandard        #fakeNews

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