You Tried It, House … Now Get To Doing Your Actual Job!

“It seems like Donald Trump may have thought about saying something that may possibly be interpreted as less than appropriate, using that obnoxious voice and boorish attitude of his … I don’t like the way he does things; it’s just not presidential”

Doesn’t that sound like the episode of SpongeBob SquarePants(R) where he met this guy, who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy, who knew this guy who knew this guy who knew this guy, who knew this guy who knew this guy … who knew this guy’s cousin … ? It’s totally obscure, innocuous, far removed, lacking credibility, and just plain comical.

Ever since Donald Trump was elected U.S. President, people have been complaining about the way he goes about things. And instead of leaving it at that, high level Democrats have taken to making up illegal accusations to make him go away. Just because you don’t like somebody, don’t agree with them, and don’t like the way they talk, walk, or tweet, doesn’t mean they are doing something illegal. It’s just that simple.

This latest “whistleblower” complaint and subsequent impeachment inquiry has given deeper meaning to the words ludicrous and incredulous. Perhaps the whistle was kinda like a dog whistle – only for rabid Democrats. No one else could hear it or make sense of it except Never-Trumpers and their ilk.

Ironically, a whistleblower is only blowing a whistle to bring attention to a hidden thing. A full transcript of the phone conversation in question has been released to the public, thereby rendering any whistleblower irrelevant. That means any investigation of said “whistleblown” material is unnecessary and redundant. Yet, here we are again; a country being subjected to mean-spirited lunacy to appease opponents of this president and all his supporters.

The man is the President of the United States of America. He has power to do things, appoint people, hire and fire people, and initiate actions. And by the way, you don’t have to agree with those things he does or the people he chooses. He answers to the American people, who by the way, elected him based on his brash, in-your-face, call it like I see it, UNpolitically correct promises to Make America Great Again. 

He didn’t change. He campaigned as the same person he is now that he’s president. No bait and switch. No tell the voters one thing and then get into office and not do any of it. This man is actually doing what he said he would do if we elected him President.

So, what’s the problem? Not liking him or his methods is not enough. Get over it and let the man do his job. Better yet, Congress, how ‘bout you start doing your jobs. And, no your job is NOT to conduct neverending investigations into all these lame and sketchy charges Trump’s opponents keep conjuring up.

Grow up and put your petty personal differences aside for the good of the country. Americans voted for a better economy, more jobs, lower taxes, fewer regulations, improving the VA, reducing illegal immigration, and reworking our international agreements. President Trump and his Administration is responsible for historical accomplishments in all those areas: a tremendous series of achievements. And all this despite the Democrats roadblocks, questionable investigations, and lack of desire to support good things for America. 

Some may consider leveling charges against said Democrats for Obstruction of Progress, Impeding American Greatness, and Suppressing Damning Evidence Against Their Cohorts. Where are the government entities and resources on those issues? As a U.S. citizen, I demand an investigation!

#notAfraidToSpeak      #FakeNews            #DoubleStandard

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