House Intelligence Report is 300 Pages of What? – Foolish Waste of Time & Money

The U.S. House Intelligence Committee is showing anything but Intelligence in its ludicrous assertions that President Trump “placed his own personal and political interests above the national interests of the United States”; undermining American democracy, endangering national security; and concealing actions from Congress.

Evidently, the Committee was unable to simply state their baseless case against the President, because it’s bloated report spanned 300 pages. Yes, 300 pages! What an unnecessarily long-winded, superfluous, megalomaniacal diatribe. A total waste of time and money that could be better spent supporting the goals of the American people instead of endlessly attacking their president. At this point, it seems Trump detractors are so desperately insignificant that they are willing to take any speck of innuendo and work tirelessly to transform it into something that can be maliciously construed as substantive. And all this while vehemently ignoring, covering up, and manipulating public knowledge of blatant evidence of wrongdoing by other high level officials, both within their party and without.

There is so much here that I’m going to need to argue them one by one.

Placing PERSONAL Interests Above those of the Country

First of all, Donald Trump had way better personal interests before running for President of the United States. In fact, the man had to downgrade on an astronomical level, sacrificing his privacy, finances, and apparently his rights to fair media coverage. On the contrary, this man has given up his own interests in order to serve his country.

Placing POLITICAL Interests Above those of the Country

President Trump’s political interests are obviously the American people’s political interests, since they elected him and those interests to speak for them and serve them. Trump has been keeping his campaign promises to the chagrin of his opponents, but to the sheer glee of his supporters. I mean, how often do people – ESPECIALLY POLITICIANS – keep their promises, fight back the peer pressure, and stand in the face of sheer hatred without backing down, growing weary, or quitting altogether? Trump has and continues to do just that. Whether you agree with his political stance or not, his conviction, fortitude, and ability to get things done against all odds is quite remarkable and worthy of admiration

The National Interests of the Country

The national interests of the United States started as his campaign mantra and has continued into his presidency. He has reworked deals with various countries in order to level the playing field and put Americans first on the world stage. Make America Great, Put America First, Americans Deserve Better … America, America, America. So, how is it reasonable to say Trump put something above the interests of America?

Undermining American Democracy

Does that mean speaking up and defending yourself against a biased system is a problem? And after all the Presidential Executive Orders signed by previous Administrations, and the last three years of trying to negate the results of the 2016 election, the ones in the arena of undermining democracy are those very politicians and media minions who keep accusing others of doing the same.

Endangering National Security

Would that be the same national security Trump is beefing up with our expanded and revitalized military, protecting our borders, and working to show the world that America can and will defend herself against all threats?

Concealing Actions From Congress

Not only has this president undergone neverending attacks by the media and his opponents since before he was elected to office, but add to that purposely maligning, biased, negative press ad nauseum. Yet, in the face of obvious fake news and double standards, knowing he would not be given a fair shake, he still worked with those gunning to destroy and impeach him to provide hundreds of thousands of requested documents in previous investigations. In the recent “whistleblower” drama, Trump almost immediately released the transcript from the telephone conversation with the Ukrainian President. After seeing the actual words spoken between the two leaders, I’m not sure why a whistle needed to be blown in the first place … and why they’re still acting like an investigation is needed while the actual call has already been revealed. {Confused face}

With Congress behaving so dishonestly and unwilling to let the truth prevail, is it wise to offer them your trust with sensitive documents and information, knowing that they will use it to promote their corrupt agenda?

As if all that weren’t enough, in an incredulous attempt to make something out of the mundane, the report goes on to imply illicit activity due to frequent calls to the White House by the White House Counsel. How is that unusual …. for a lawyer to call his client frequently? Furthermore, the House Intelligence Committee says it will continue its investigative work. Not another never-ending investigation! I suppose they’re getting paid by the boatload in man hours to keep this charade alive. How much more investigating do they need?

After digging into President Trump over the last three years, you’d think they’d give up the fishing expedition, pack up their tackle box, and get back to work for the country. It’s hard to believe they are so deceived that they believe their own rhetoric. But alas, they just keep throwing stuff up against the wall hoping something will stick.

Evidently, corruption in the Ukraine has been a point of contention for some years and investigations into said corruption have been underway. If the corruption trail led to Burisma Holdings company or Hunter Biden, that doesn’t mean it can no longer be investigated. How absurd is that? So, now the story has been reframed as an investigation of a political opponent instead of simply an investigation of corruption – wherever that may lead. 

Whether or not the investigation was aimed at Hunter Biden is secondary to the fact that corruption seemingly took place. Former US Vice President Joe Biden shared in his own words that he demanded that unless the prosecutor in said investigation be fired, U.S. monies would be withheld from Ukraine. Does that sound like Biden had “placed his own personal and political interests above the national interests of the United States.”? Shouldn’t an extensive investigation be launched to get to the truth about that situation? Where is the 300 page report on that? Shoot, I’ll even take a 25 page report on that!

An investigation doesn’t claim guilt; it merely looks into the possibility of wrongdoing. Isn’t the Biden’s dealings at least worth looking into – if not only to clear up any suspicion? But, like with the Clintons and other media-protected Democrats, the biased media won’t even report on it, won’t throw any investigative journalists at it, won’t ask any hard-hitting questions about it, and in most cases, won’t even acknowledge it.

If anyone believes this is fair and reasonable and that the media is not in the pocket of the Democrat party, I fear common sense and decency have left the building.

#NotAfraidToThink     #TruthInReporting       #DoubleStandard   #WastefulGovernment

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