During Coronavirus, Fake Easter Gives Way to True Easter

Even though we are temporarily unable to meet together at church, we believers still find our way to each other through technology. Our fellowship will not be stopped. With a very real threat of death to so many and fear gripping the nation and the world, Easter brings the hope of Jesus and the mighty power of God to the forefront of our minds. At the very least, this Coronavirus brings us face to face with our own mortality and begs the question: what happens when I die?

As a Christian myself, Easter is the most significant holiday we have – even bigger than Christmas. Though the birth of Christ is what propelled his life to his death, his resurrection is what solidifies our place in God’s Kingdom and gives us access to approach the throne of God. The ultimate sacrifice of Jesus, his plea to God on our behalf, his taking on of our sin as his own, and his covering to make us presentable to our holy God is what makes Easter so powerful. Not eggs, bunnies, candy, or fancy clothes.

Raising our kids, Easter was a time when we watched The Ten Commandments and other spiritual movies about God, Jesus, and the Bible. We taught the story of Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection and encouraged discussion. And, yes, we still colored eggs, gave Easter baskets, had Easter egg hunts, and ate an amazing dinner. These things are not mutually exclusive. As long as man’s traditions do not malign, ignore, or disobey the Word of God, there is no issue here.

The problems come when more time is spent on new outfits, the Easter bunny, candy, and eggs and not enough is spent teaching and celebrating the sacrifices of Christ. Although we must strive to keep gratitude ever-present in our daily lives, during Easter, it seems to wash over us like a flood. And if it doesn’t, this holiday is another invitation to get in touch with why it should.

This Coronavirus Pandemic has given us all a collective time-out to think about ourselves, our lives, and what we value; or more importantly, who we value and to whom we belong. It is a time to gain perspective and be introspective. A time to be still and know that God is God. Whether alone, quarantined with your family, video-conferencing with friends or loved ones, or out there still working, everyone needs someone in their lives to point the way to Jesus.

How about we gather our faith, our courage, and our trust in the sovereignty of God and be that person for someone.

COVID-19 doesn’t win. Only God and His people win, thanks to the sacrifice of Christ. Whether in life or in death, we consider it pure joy and know that to end in Jesus is to never end.

#EasterForJesus       #COVIDdoesn’tWin        


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