But First … Massive Testing. Is This an Excuse to “Make America Scared Again”?

What is this unreasonable push for extreme testing before people can go back to their lives? To what end? What would be the point of testing over 300 million Americans, many of which did not and will not contract COVID-19, and many more of which already had it – knowingly or unknowingly? And what about those that test negative; will they have to test again everyday until they test positive?

In the long run, testing could certainly help us learn some things for future reference, but not as a means to keep people in their homes. For the vulnerable population and those that live and work with them, testing is critical. But for the rest, it seems like a colossal waste of time and money, not to mention an unwanted means to supply the media with more fodder for their Make America Scared Again campaign.

The ONLY reason we were quarantined in the first place was to give the hospitals time to ramp up to handle the number of Coronavirus cases that would inevitably strike all at once as the virus rapidly spread. It was never designed to stop the virus, its spread, or the deaths it would leave behind; nor is it realistic to believe it could. Even as we hunkered down in our homes, the virus raged on and greedily stole tens of thousands of human lives. Our goal was to slow it down enough for us to get prepared, learn how it operates, and work on possible treatments.

Well, as you can see, those goals were more than met. Our nation’s leaders did a phenomenal job rounding up needed expertise to formulate and execute a plan of attack. Professionals, public and private businesses, and we the people, eagerly did our part to slow the spread and flatten the curve. And we all succeeded. Unfortunately and predictably, many of our vulnerable population were unable to fight off the disease and we are all saddened by those truths. Truths that will continue as long as there is sickness and disease in this world. COVID-19, though novel in its makeup, is not the biggest, baddest, or worse challenge we have had to face as a people.

I can see it already. The majority of Americans finally decide to listen to the health experts and accept the fact that their risk of critical illness or death due to COVID-19 is super low. The tyrannical governors release their controlling death grips on the citizens of their states and people begin to freely move about their communities and workplaces, albeit while exercising safe practices and social distancing. Finally, we are able to begin the road back to normal, and swaappp! The media becomes hysterical over the sudden rise in COVID-19 cases and the “new evidence” they found in a dark alley proving the disease is MUCH DEADLIER than anyone could have even imagined and that there is no immunity … ever! Smirk, smirk.

Wait, you say. Aren’t we testing by the tens of thousands as each state and area re-opens? So, doesn’t it make logical sense that the number of confirmed cases of the virus would go up? Confirmed cases, up to 97% of which will be mild to negligible, over 2% serious or critical, and less than 1% fatal, according to the latest data.  And isn’t science telling us that up to 50% of the population could be asymptomatic, making it likely that many, many more people have already contracted and recovered from the disease than is currently known?

Don’t bother scratching your head in confusion. You are right. Common sense is right. But, the media, on the other hand – the far from reality other hand – is on a mission to not only avoid truth as much as possible, but to also replace it with their own version.

Any thinking individual can see that if we’ve all been cooped up in our homes for over a month, as soon as we emerge and begin to move amongst one another, cases of the virus will inevitably rise. But, again, cases do not equal hospitalization, ventilators, or death. They just don’t. In fact, as we begin to get a better handle on how many cases of Coronavirus went undiagnosed, we will get a clearer picture of how statistically deadly it really is … or isn’t.

At that point, do you think themedia will begin reporting accurate and uplifting information? Don’t hold your breath. Most likely, they will be too busy scouring the country trying to squeeze out one more COVID case to blame on the leaders, health professionals, scientists, or even you – everyday American. Will they ever get enough of their own overblown, hyped up headlines; ‘cause I sure am.

#NotAfraidToThink       #ReOpenAmerica        #COVIDdoesn’tWin

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