Abortion Rights: Who Will Stand Up For The Least Among Us?

Most people would ooh and aah at the wee little infant and maybe even reach out and touch their itty-bitty fingers and toes. This is not your great grandmother’s blob of unformed matter, as was once thought decades ago. ... As long as the baby is inside the mother’s womb - arguably the safest place for a fetus - he can be put to death at any moment, even up to his descent down the birth canal.

Parents, Our Kids Can’t Handle Smartphones and Social Media!

Why are we acting like we can't control this increasingly destructive trend of social media and smartphone overuse that is tearing at the social fabric of our lives? This applies to internet enthusiasts of all ages, but as often is the case, our young are more vulnerable and negatively affected by overexposure to the grown-up … Continue reading Parents, Our Kids Can’t Handle Smartphones and Social Media!


I vividly remember sitting on a folded up blanket watching my first yoga practice stream across the TV in my living room. A yoga trainer sat peacefully on a mat in a large, warmly decorated studio directing me to expand my ribcage, fill my lungs, and breathe deeply. That was when I first realized how shallow my breathing was; it actually took conscious effort for me to constantly inhale for more than the count of four or five! ... As the practice came to an end, I was introduced to Savasana ... What? Being still and relaxing is a vital part of the yoga practice? Sign me up!

Combat Daily Stress In Five Minute Increments

Do you ever notice how good it feels to see the sun shining and feel a gentle breeze? How about the uplifting feelings that springtime brings with the clouds floating carefree across the enormous blue sky? What about the cleansing feeling after a hard rainstorm, when the air smells clean and the rainbows tarry? Or … Continue reading Combat Daily Stress In Five Minute Increments

He only Has A Cell to Call Me in an Emergency … Yah, Right.

Parents, no more excuses. You must manage your child or teen’s smartphone and social media life. The fact that I have to include children under the age of 13 in this conversation is truly a mystery to me. For what reason would your birth-12 year old child need a phone, let alone a mini portal … Continue reading He only Has A Cell to Call Me in an Emergency … Yah, Right.

Expand Your Mind – Learn a Language!

I’m learning American Sign Language or ASL! I’ve been using free online resources to learn how to speak with my hands. Truth be known, I already speak with my hands everyday - I’m part Italian. Granted, my hands don’t really say much. They are in constant motion whenever I’m talking, but that’s just for effect … Continue reading Expand Your Mind – Learn a Language!