Conclusion of The Socialism Fairy Tale: Once Upon A Time Socialism Worked …

Socialism promises you everything for free, leading you to foolishly believe there is no price to pay for such things. But alas, EVERYTHING has a price. ... Inefficient, bloated, power-hungry, greedy, deceitful, and wasteful are all words used to describe the villain Socialism. ... Of course in the end the heroes win; and Socialism is exposed for the lying, cheating, scoundrel that he is. He is forced to leave the land. And the people lived happily ever after.

The Green New Deal Needs Too Much Green and Sacrifices Dignity

“there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch”. ... if the Green New Deal is offering everything for free, what price will we all have to pay to get it? ... There are two things at work here: the ability of the government to give away billions of dollars worth of free stuff indefinitely; and the effect that free stuff will have on our collective work ethic, sense of personal responsibility, pride, dignity, ingenuity, and freedoms.