Conclusion of The Socialism Fairy Tale: Once Upon A Time Socialism Worked …

As we pick up our story, the people are suffering from the massive deception perpetrated, and the unfulfilled promises made by Socialism … 

Enter our heroes. Every fairy tale needs a hero to stand against the villain and overcome his evil with good. The two American heroes of this story are Capitalism and Democracy. 

Capitalism fights for everyone and allows anyone who is willing – regardless of looks, traits, or characteristics – to partake in the treasure of opportunity. What you do with those opportunities is entirely up to you. You get out what you put in. You can seize it, and work hard to grow your character and your bank account; you can choose to pass it up, content in the life station you currently occupy; or you can create an opportunity of your own and mold it into something workable for you.

Democracy, the other half of the dynamic duo, protects the voices of its citizens as they speak freely: for their best interests; and against tyranny, oppression, and unfair laws and policies. As the citizen voices rise up and are counted, Democracy ensures that ideas are discussed, persuasive arguments are heard, and individuals are allowed to choose what they support without fear of retribution. The government is chosen by the people to serve the ideals of the people.

Socialism promises you everything for free, leading you to foolishly believe there is no price to pay for such things. But alas, EVERYTHING has a price. In this case, it’s your freedom to choose what’s best for you and your family. It demands you trust a government entity to take all your hard-earned assets, give you what they think you should have, and disperse the rest at their discretion; it forbids you to work harder to earn more; it regulates your income, expenditures, and your allotted share of the communal pie; and it takes away the power of your vote and your choice.

Socialism hates sharing its power with the people. It holds the power to “help” the people with all their needs. Should a group of people get together to create their own help groups, Socialism would surely deem that interference with their good and charitable work. Anyone choosing to grow a business from nothing but the sweat of their brow would be rewarded with exorbitant taxes, confiscation of excess property, and be demanded to “donate” anything above and beyond what Socialism says is fair for them to have.

Inefficient, bloated, power-hungry, greedy, deceitful, and wasteful are all words used to describe the villain Socialism.

Of course in the end the heroes win; and Socialism is exposed for the lying, cheating, scoundrel that he is. He is forced to leave the land. And the people lived happily ever after.


Unfortunately, Socialism is still welcome in some other countries, where he will manage to ruin the lives of its citizens through excessive and unwieldy government control of their lives, rendering them uninspired and disillusioned.

This time our heroes have successfully defended their country against Socialism. Like all villains, Socialism will again return to rear its ugly head. Let’s make sure we are ready when that happens.

#notAfraidToThink            #theSocialismLie         #workForWhatYouWant

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