The Socialism Fairy Tale: Once Upon A Time Socialism Worked …

Once upon a time Socialism worked … Not! 

Socialism is a fairy tale gone terribly and deceitfully wrong. The iconic line Once upon a time has launched many a story of likeable protagonists, while weaving in life lessons and good feelings. Just like those fairy tales, the story of Socialism has been dolled up and manipulated to seemingly end in happily ever after. But, alas, truth will not be denied. Socialism, though very real, is not at all the helpless, mistreated, persecuted hero-turned-victor.

Socialism is the villain. 

And if you know anything about fairy tales, the villain never wins. He always bullies, harasses, lies, tricks, cheats, and terrorizes. But even after it looks like he’s succeeded, good wins in the end.

Socialism has been trying to win for a very long time. It is the supreme deceiver with a penchant for power. It tells all its subjects that it will take care of them, supply all their needs, and make their lives easier and happier. Its tongue drips with flattery as it rallies for the everyman and builds him up through attitudes of entitlement. After all, everyone deserves to be happy, right? 

So what if you don’t work for it, don’t grow through it, and don’t care about it.

Socialism succeeded in convincing some Latin American and European nations to let him help make their countries better; to allow him to care for their people. He promised that everyone would have enough, no more filthy rich and dirt poor, no more big corporate meanies, and the pièce de résistance –  free services for all. How did he pay for all those free things, you ask? Well, he started with regulating how much each person should get. Why he believes he knows better is beyond me, but with his power and silver tongue, he convinced the masses to trust him to take care of everything. Lines like: you don’t have to lift a finger and I’ll take care of everything, should have triggered the red flags in the minds of the people. Things that sound too easy and too good to be true usually are.

Fortunately for the good guys, Socialism is somehow – despite his evil powers – unable to carry out his devious plan without minions, henchmen, and stooges. Of course, they can’t be smarter or more reasonable than their leader; and God forbid they have a conscience. These traits only serve to challenge Socialism and that simply will not do. In order to be unfairly ruled over, controlled and oppressed, the subjects must first believe the villain has their best interest at heart. Then they must blindly follow – sycophants welcome – abandoning all manner of common sense, and accept illogical, unproven, and yes, even disproven information as their new truth.

How many times have you watched a show thinking don’t trust him, stupid, you saw how he lied to that other guy; or maybe it was more like, he already destroyed all the other kingdoms, what makes you think he’s gonna spare yours? When watching the villain at work from the outside, it’s easy to see what he’s up to; but when you are the target of his deceit, it can become much more difficult. He knows your weaknesses and works tirelessly to tempt you to give him what he wants – usually power – so he can give you what you want: that, of course, turns out to be a deal with the devil.

And there you have it, Socialism defrauds his way into power, leaving his subjects to take what he gives and like it. Good workers become disenfranchised, private enterprise is steamrolled, freedom of choice is whitewashed, and poverty begins to spread.

For everyday people, is this the end of happiness as they once knew it? Tune in next time for the conclusion of our story …

#notAfraidToThink         #theSocialismLie

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